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January 2, 2010

Dave Wommack


JASON ALPERT: We have Georgia Tech Defensive Coordinator, Dave Wommack, with us. You've had a few days in South Florida to start preparing for this game. What exactly have you all been doing to get ready for the FedEx Orange Bowl?
DAVE WOMMACK: Just keep working at it, you know. We were repping our defense and trying to get ready for Iowa's attack.
The kids are really excited to be here. You know, we flew in and it was a great opportunity for us to come down here to the Orange Bowl. You know, they've been to some bowls before, but this is really something special to be at a BCS.
It's a little bit different because it's a little longer before the game, so we get a little bit more time in there to work at it. And with the 15 practices, the kids are anxious to play. I know that.

Q. I was wanting to know if you could talk a little about Derrick Morgan and what makes him tick and what some of his attributes are both on and maybe off the field?
DAVE WOMMACK: Yeah, when I came and we came in as a staff two years ago and went through that first spring, everybody was talking about the Michael Johnsons and Darryl Richard and some of those guys. And there was this 91 that was over there, and his motor runs.
I've coached for 31 years and had a chance to coach Adalius Thomas, and he's kind of in that mode. He's the type of guy that can do a lot of different things. He can rush as an outside defensive end, an outside linebacker. He can be an inside guy as far as the defensive linemen's concerned.
He has a tremendous motor. He plays hard, and he goes to the ball, and he has a great desire to be successful at what he does.

Q. What concerns you about Iowa's offense as you look at the tape and you guys are game planning? What maybe is number one? And number two, what do you think you have to do to have successful this week?
DAVE WOMMACK: I think the match-up of their offensive line on our defensive line is probably going to be the toughest thing. I think they're extremely well-coached, and I think they're a talented group of players up front. I see them get such a push on about everybody that they play, and I know that there's a lot of good teams up there including Ohio States and Wisconsins, and Penn States and we've seen what they've done in the bowls. So I think the offensive line match-up there is probably the biggest concern.
I think when you watch them, you see them, they don't make a whole lot of mistakes, you know. They're very well-coached overall as an offensive unit. And, of course, their defense being so effective as they have, you've got to take advantage of the opportunities when you have them.

Q. What do you make of the season that Ricky Stanzi has had? The inconsistency and the interceptions, yet the magic touch at critical times.
DAVE WOMMACK: All I know is when Ricky Stanzi has been in there they've won football games, and I know they lost the one against Northwestern when he was knocked out after I think it was the 19th play of the game. They ended up losing the game. Then the overtime game versus Ohio State, so...
I think he could make most of the throws and everything. You know, he's gone against some pretty darn good defenses throughout the years. So he looks to me like he's a pretty good football player, Stanzi.

Q. Iowa has the two freshmen running backs in Robinson and Wegher. Can you break them down from what you see a little bit, and how do they compare to someone you've met during the regular season?
DAVE WOMMACK: They're really similar in a lot of ways. There's two young guys that got an opportunity when the injuries took place with the other guys earlier on. I think they're just a one-two punch.
I don't know if it's because they've had to with the leadership of the other guys, but I think they've both got talent. I don't know, maybe Wegher's got a little more quickness than the other one, a little more speed and power. But it's hard to sit there and watch on film and say which one's better. I think they're a nice one-two punch.

Q. Has defense with Georgia Tech, has it improved on the year, because it's been porous on occasion?
DAVE WOMMACK: Yeah. I can't sit here and say that it's improved as the year's gone on. You hate to sit up here as a defensive coordinator and you don't want to make excuses, but we started in an eight-man front with our defense. And we lost two safeties and a defensive end versus Miami. We switched to a four-three.
We've got some kids that have worked hard. But we're deficient in some areas. There is no question about that. The kids play hard, and they work hard, but there are have been some deficiencies with our defense this year.

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