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January 1, 2010

Ryan Winterswyk


Q. Are you ready to play the game?
RYAN WINTERSWYK: Definitely. We have gotten to the point in practice that it is time to do the last few things and play.

Q. Being back in the Fiesta Bowl after what happened last time, do you hear much about the last time you were here and everything that happened?
RYAN WINTERSWYK: You hear a lot around town because that was kind of a real good thing for the fans. They loved that and they still talk about that.
Around the football room, we don't talk about it too much. It is a whole different deal this year.

Q. What do you think about the rematch with Texas Christian University?
RYAN WINTERSWYK: I'm kind of excited for it. I know some of the fans maybe were disappointed in that.
I like it. I want to play pretty much the best team we can play, and I think this is the way we can do that.

Q. How big of a motivator is being undefeated for you guys?
RYAN WINTERSWYK: It is a big thing. We don't like to lose at all, and I don't think anyone does. But that's our thing: we don't lose.
We want to go undefeated all the time.

Q. Coach was saying how last year you guys were 9-4 but it felt more like 4-9 being at Boise State. How did that help you build into this season?
RYAN WINTERSWYK: It is a lot of motivation in that offseason. It seems like we were so young last year that we all grew together this year. We knew there were certain things that we had to change and accomplish.

Q. What will it take for you guys for get the win Monday night?
RYAN WINTERSWYK: Just play good defense. Slow these guys down on offense and score more points than they do.

Q. Last year was a low-scoring affair. Do you expect the same this year?
RYAN WINTERSWYK: I wouldn't be surprised by that at all. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a dog fight.

Q. What's your feeling about being in the BCS Buster Bowl?
RYAN WINTERSWYK: I'm excited about it. I'm happy to be in a BCS Bowl. A few weeks ago we weren't in a talk for a BCS game so we are excited.

Q. Does it make a big statement to college football that the two of you are facing off in a BCS game?
RYAN WINTERSWYK: A few years ago they weren't letting any non-BCS schools in a BCS game, so two of us are in here. Hopefully it causes a lot of excitement and people watch it.

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