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January 1, 2010

Kellen Moore


Q. What do you guys have to do to put some points on the board against Texas Christian University?
KELLEN MOORE: Hopefully just score a few on them. You watch them on film, watch their games, they really don't give up many points. They don't give up anything. Very difficult team to face, but at the same time you are excited about the challenge of being at this high a caliber.

Q. What do you see from their secondary?
KELLEN MOORE: Very athletic guys that don't give up big plays. They never give up. A deep go-round, a deep post. You just have to take what they give you and hopefully get the long drive out of them and get some points in the end.

Q. This offense has been so dynamic all year. You are averaging 44 points a game. What has been the key to the success of this offense this year?
KELLEN MOORE: I think this offense just all rides around versatility. We have a lot of guys that at different times during the season, they come out and give us their best shot.
We got guys who kind of come out of nowhere and score three touchdowns against Nevada and all this stuff. I think we are very versatile and bring a lot of things to the game plan and I think it works for us.

Q. What about yourself? You are elite in the nation -- you are the leader in the nation in the passer rating. What's the keys to your success?
KELLEN MOORE: Efficiency, not turning the ball over. Just being smart with the football and getting completions out of everything and.

Q. Talk about the great receivers you have, Austin Pettis. You have some dynamic receivers. Talk about the impact they might have in this game.
KELLEN MOORE: We got some big-time wide receivers, even some guys who haven't had many catches that people will probably get to see this game, just some explosive guys. We got some 6'3 "guys and we have Pettis.

Q. What about Jeremy Avery? Capable of over 1,000 yards rushing? Your thoughts on him?
KELLEN MOORE: He gets behind the offensive line and you kind of lose track of him. It is kind of Maurice Jones-Drew-ish. He is able to make plays and bounce off the offensive line and get some yards.

Q. Can you talk about the respect this team has for Texas Christian University.
KELLEN MOORE: We lost to them last year. We are aware of how talented they are. You watch them on tape, watch them throughout the season. They have been dominating teams. They are just a smart football team and they don't screw up. They play very sound football. It is very impressive.

Q. Does the winner of this game have a right to claim a share of the national title?
KELLEN MOORE: Finish among the few, that's all you can ask for, and let the debate go on.

Q. Is there a different feeling being at the Fiesta Bowl the second time around? A couple years ago we had the tremendous game and the tremendous finish. I saw the two-point conversion. Is there a different feel the second time around?
KELLEN MOORE: I think there is a few guys that were on that team. For the most part, we are a lot of new guys. Probably only 25, 30 guys that were at that game. For a lot of us, this is our first BCS experience and it is a bunch of story-telling we heard about the game. It is awesome.

Q. Is the year a success if you don't win on Monday?
KELLEN MOORE: I think your WAC champs, finish the regular season undefeated. There are plenty of things to hold your head up and be proud of. We are excited about this.

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