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January 1, 2010

Chris Petersen


Q. Can you just talk about your preparation so far, what's your impression been?
COACH PETERSEN: I think our preparation has been very good. The guys are extremely focused and doing a good job. We have been practicing for a long time.
You know, sometimes at this point of the process, you feel things drag a little bit in practice, but we haven't really felt that. I think a lot has to do with the respect that everybody has for Texas Christian University. I know the challenge that we have coming our way.
It's all been pretty smooth so far.

Q. How is Austin doing, and what do you expect out of him?
COACH PETERSEN: Same old thing. Kind of a gametime decision. He is obviously limited and we will try to figure out how he fits in at gametime.

Q. Have you figured out a right tackle and a holder?
COACH PETERSEN: Yeah. I think Brenel will probably get the nod there, Brenel Myers. Mike may play some as well. We feel confident in both those guys.
Austin can hold. That's not an issue. But I think Hunter White is a guy that we have worked all along and he has got more reps than anybody. It is really what we feel more comfortable with. It is probably Hunter White.

Q. Choate can't hold?
COACH PETERSEN: He is probably more limited than any of the other guys. So we just have had plan B in place all along.

Q. Is that a concern at all for you, to make a change at that spot right now?
COACH PETERSEN: Not really. We miss a field goal, I don't think it will be because of the hold. I think the coach feels very comfortable with Hunter. The only thing I worry about is a linebacker holding. Hopefully he doesn't get dinged. So we'll see.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the challenges the Texas Christian University defense presents.
COACH PETERSEN: Yeah. You know, last year was as good a defense as we had seen in a long time. I think they are probably even better this year. So we kind of know that routine a little bit. It is going to be one of those games where we are going to have to -- they are not going to give you anything; you are going to have to earn it. Kids are going to have to break tackles.
You just don't get guys out of place. If they do, it is a step out of place. They are so fast in recovering, it is going to be one of those games where hopefully our defense can hold up, slow Texas Christian University down a little bit because it's just not a defense that you score a lot of points on.

Q. Coach Patterson said he looked at five years of Boise State tape to prepare for this. How far back are you going with Texas Christian University?
COACH PETERSEN: Well, you know, we've looked at their last couple years. We haven't gone five years back. I would like to know how he got five years' of our tape. Isn't that cheating? (Smiling).
Anyways... no. You know, I hope he went five years back because there's so much stuff there. Sometimes that can make it tougher on you. You know, I think teams kind of do what they do at that point.

Q. He said Davis wouldn't give up the goods.
COACH PETERSEN: Exactly. I'm surprised he didn't go back to high school to get some stuff.
Gary does such a great job. I mean, they're always -- they are as prepared as anybody we played last year and, you know, it will be no different again this time. You know, he has got really, really good players to go along with a scheme that is very solid. But the thing that's apparent about their defense is they're not so much worried about you. They just make sure their stuff is right. That's what they do.
That's why their guys don't get out of position. They execute their scheme very well. They are not so worried about you.

Q. Is there a different feel for Boise State being here the second time around compared to a couple years ago when you came here as kind of the unknown and came here and had a great year and finished with the strong win over Oklahoma?
COACH PETERSEN: I'm not sure. From our standpoint, I think we probably even have a bigger challenge than we did the first time we were here. I think a lot of people from the outside didn't really know about us or know what to expect. People know us a little bit better now.
You know, I think in terms of just what Texas Christian University is bringing to the table right now, it's as good a team as we've played since I have been at Boise State without question.

Q. Does the winner of this game get a right to share in the name of the national title?
COACH PETERSEN: Not the way the system is set up. You know, we're not too concerned about that. We are just worried about playing our best against a really good team.

Q. Can you talk about Brenel and what you like about him? Has he practiced there at tackle? And talk about moving him out there.
COACH PETERSEN: We have been very hot on Brenel Myers since he has been with us. He is only a redshirt-freshman. He is probably a true guard. I don't know what makes him a true guard, because he is a little bit shorter than our tackles, but he is athletic enough to play in the position. He just hasn't played a whole ton.
We are really hoping to get him going this season, but he has had some hand injuries. He's finally healthy and at the right time. We need him.

Q. How does he go up against Hughes? Does that concern you?
COACH PETERSEN: Yeah, it concerns us. It concerns us. All of our guys going up against him is a concern. Brenel is as athletic as anybody we have. So that will help. There is no substitute for experience. That's one of the things we are lacking.

Q. Does your team have a chip on their shoulder because they lost to Texas Christian University by one point?
COACH PETERSEN: Let's hope. We know what type of team we are playing. They have a lot of respect for these guys, and so I don't know if that equates to a chip on your shoulder but I know that they practiced hard. They know what's in store for them. They know how well they will have to play to hang in there with these guys.

Q. How have you changed, if at all, as a head coach since your first year as you have kind of learned and gotten used to this?
COACH PETERSEN: That's a good question. I don't know how much -- I'm sure I have changed. But I think -- I don't think I analyze that constantly.
You know, probably anything, just try to learn from the experiences of the past, certainly with how we practice and how we prepare, just a little thing here, little thing there. Very conscious of trying to make sure our guys are as prepared as they can but also as fresh as they are and not stale and worn out on this whole thing.

Q. Why do you think you have been as successful as you have been?
COACH PETERSEN: I think we got really good players. We are fortunate to get really good coaches here and keep them here.

Q. You talked in the past as long as things are progressing you would be happy at Boise State. How do you evaluate what's happened over the last four years and what needs to keep happening to keep you happy here?
COACH PETERSEN: You know, I do think we've made progress. I think, you know, things don't happen overnight. It is a progression. I think those things will happen. You look at some of the facilities, not only athletically but also on campus. We are all tied into this together. The thing that's really important, I think the administration has allowed us to keep really good assistant coaches. You know, they do everything that they can do to help us win.
And then along those lines, I think we always keep our eye on the future, what the next step is. I think everybody is talking about that stadium, getting some more states in there and the training room going. It gets everybody excited.

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