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December 31, 2009

Tim Brewster

Da'Jon McKnight

Kim Royston

Kyle Theret


Iowa State 14
Minnesota 13

THE MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, we're joined by Coach Brewster, Kyle Theret, Kim Royston, Da'jon McKnight. Coach, we will ask you to make an opening statement.
COACH BREWSTER: It's a tough loss and had a locker roomful of heart-broken kids. They played their hearts out. And we came here to win the football game, and we didn't get it done.
It is a great group of kids to my left, and their hearts are broke and they're bleeding. But, like I said, it is a great group of kids. We played much better obviously in the second half. We just didn't -- just didn't make enough plays to win the football game.
Give credit to Iowa State. They did a nice job. They did what it took to win the football game. Questions?

Q. Da'jon, talk about that last drive and how you guys felt kind of moving the ball better than you had pretty much the whole game before the fumble.
DA'JON McKNIGHT: On that drive, we were just trying to be patient and run it to win, trying to be precise in everything we do. And we just tried to be focused and just trying to win the game.

Q. Did you guys -- did any of you guys talk to MarQueis after the game just trying to give him some encouragement, some support after a tough way to end the game like that?
COACH BREWSTER: We all did. We told him that we love him. We didn't lose a game because of MarQueis Gray's fumble. A lot of love in that locker room for MarQueis Gray. He's hurting. He's hurting bad.

Q. Can you talk about the fumble that was ruled a nonfumble, what you saw and how that play developed?
KIM ROYSTON: I just seen a lot of linemen downfield and I read the screen and whatnot. I retraced and got around the linemen and tried to make a play around the ball. I think it was a big, big play. It could have gone either way. It didn't go our way. That's just how the game falls, I guess.

Q. Kyle, two interceptions and a big catch on the fake punt. I guess you are not thinking about that at this point, but can you just talk about the game that you had at this point?
KYLE THERET: This year was kind of a redemption for me because last year wasn't my best game in the Insight Bowl. I feel like I didn't have that good a year on a personal basis or as a team, so we wanted to come out here and show how really good we were.
We just made some plays and sometimes we didn't. And they just made more than us.

Q. Kim and Kyle, can you guys talk about what it means for you guys as the only underclassmen starters on the defensive unit to come up with a big game like this?
KIM ROYSTON: It really means nothing as of right now because I'm just really hurt for us and the team. I just think that -- well, I just hope that we would have got the win.
But as far as the seniors go, the seniors are gone now. I think they really taught us a lot, how to lead. I think that rubbed off on me and Kyle. We're the only seniors coming back on defense. They did a great job, teaching us how to lead. We will definitely learn off of them and come back next year and have a more dominant defense.
KYLE THERET: Yeah, when you got guys like Lee Campbell and Garrett Brown playing with you -- I have been here three years playing with them, the way they lead out there, they get it done. They show it on and off the field. Next year with a lot of young guys out there, it will be big for us to show how to be a man on and off the field.

Q. Coach, talk about struggling to convert points on some of the times you got turnovers from Iowa State.
COACH BREWSTER: You know, we moved the ball. We moved the ball some. And again, you know, there was some inconsistency there and I will credit Iowa State, credit Iowa State's defense. They're a good defensive football team, well-coached football team.
And obviously in the second half, we moved the ball well. We got in the end zone. It's unfortunate that we didn't take advantage of the opportunity there at the end of the first half when Troy fell down and the ball was intercepted.
But looking at it, we obviously moved the ball pretty well in the second half.

Q. Coach, just offensive adjustments, do you feel like you made any after the first half? Obviously not being able to score more than three in that first half.
COACH BREWSTER: Yeah, I thought that our coaches did a nice job at halftime. And they have done a nice job at halftime all year. Obviously coming out in the second half and moving the ball like we did, running the ball like we did, our guys did a good job. I thought our coaches did a good job. Most importantly I thought the players did a good job.

Q. As far as next season, you know, you talked about the quarterback position being open. Adam finished the game strong. Obviously MarQueis, he had pretty good plays in the second half. How do you feel about that position go into the next year?
COACH BREWSTER: I feel great about the position because we've got some really good players at the position. We've got another really good young quarterback in Moses Alipate. We have three outstanding quarterbacks.
We'll have great competition at that position, and we'll have great competition at all the positions this spring. This spring practice is going to be really good because we have a lot of talented young players that will be pushing for starting jobs. And the quarterback position is one of those spots that there will be great competition.

Q. Obviously hindsight changes a lot and you had no idea to know at time, but you consider after that touchdown going for two at all?
COACH BREWSTER: We would -- if we were -- not then, no. If we would have scored on the series in which MarQueis fumbled, then obviously we would have went for two. That was already discussed and decided upon.

Q. You guys had a lot of success out of the I-formation. Do you feel like you used it enough throughout the game?
COACH BREWSTER: You know, I think that we did a pretty good job of running the power play. The power play was a good play for us. It was run out of the I, and we also ran it out of two tight-end formations as well.
We are multiple offensively, multiple what we do formationally, and I thought we did a pretty good job.

Q. Da'jon, can you talk about the night that you had, career highs for you in catches and yards. Can you just talk about what your mind-set was going into the game?
DA'JON McKNIGHT: Focus and concentration on the ball. If it comes to me, just catch it. Do everything I can to help my team to win. If it's blocking, catching, just try to win. That's what I was trying to do for my team.

Q. Kim, you go back a long way with Robinson. Did you think he could come up with a game like this? Did you guys have any banter going about throughout the game?
KIM ROYSTON: There was definitely some talking out there just because I have known him for a long time.
He had a great game obviously. But I really just think it was on our defense's shoulders. We didn't do what we needed to do to come up with a win. I think maybe we could have scored a few times on defense, did something.
But it's all -- I just think that we were off our game. Alexander had a good game. But I put it on our shoulders. Next year, looking forward to having a good season.

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