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December 12, 2009

Michelle Wie West


Q. A fabulous day of golf; it looks like you are going to come up just slightly short. How do you feel about your day?
MICHELLE WIE: I feel like I had a good run going. Just the 18th hole, I was kind of annoyed by that second shot.
But you know, other than that, I felt like I tried my hardest out there and I gave it my all. If I fall a little short, I tried my best today.

Q. Tell us about the second to 18. You hit a beautiful drive.
MICHELLE WIE: All I had to do was go left at least. I just didn't put a good swing on it. It was just stupid.

Q. You birdied 11, 12, 13 to get within two shots. What was going through your mind? How were you feeling then?
MICHELLE WIE: I felt pretty confident with my putting today and I put the shots in where I felt I could make putts and I felt confident out there today, I really did.

Q. Have you enjoyed your time in Dubai?
MICHELLE WIE: Yeah, I've enjoyed it so much. I'm going to have a lot of fun tonight and tomorrow, as well.

Q. What are your plans for the future? Do you think you might come back to Dubai?
MICHELLE WIE: Yeah, I would love to. It's a great event and I had a lot of fun here, I would love to come back.

Q. Next year: This is your last tournament; what are your plans early in the season?
MICHELLE WIE: I don't know. I haven't thought about it.

Q. You had a fabulous round, does it have to do with the exams you passed?
MICHELLE WIE: For sure I took my final exams this morning at 7. 00, and after that, my mood just got exponentially better. So I felt good about it.

Q. Maybe if you didn't have exams you would have won it.
MICHELLE WIE: That's hard to say.

Q. Why do you think you came out so strong today?
MICHELLE WIE: Like I said I felt pretty good about my life, being done with finals and everything. I just went out there and I was like, you know, we're in Dubai, I have one more day left, let's just give it my all. I gave it my all out there.

Q. What will you think of now when you think of Dubai?
MICHELLE WIE: I would have to say seeing my mom on a calm he will.

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