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December 11, 2009

Chad Campbell

Tim Clark


Q. What was the key to success with you guys today?
TIM CLARK: Well, obviously with this wind, we both grew up playing in wind, obviously in different parts of the world, but still in wind. I think that helped us out a lot today.

Q. Chad?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, you know, we played really solid all day. Didn't quite take advantage of the par-5s, but Tim played great. I hit a few good shots, and so it worked out well for us.

Q. Do you-like this format? I mean, three days, it's changing, and just the fact that the low scores are almost ridiculous but have to do it to keep up.
CHAD CAMPBELL: I don'*t know, I think it's a lot of fun. Today is obviously the toughest day, any time you play alternate shot. Luckily he gives us (indiscernible) ball, so makes it a little bit easier on us.
But, you know, it's a lot of fun. Look forward to coming here, and always enjoy playing.

Q. You guys are efficient ball strikers. You keep it in play for the most part. Do you think that will be advantageous or you'll be on the lower part of the field come the weekend?
TIM CLARK: No, I think it's gonna help us out. Particularly tomorrow. You can focus on our own games and make a lot of birdies.
And, you know, with the weather the next couple of days, and on Sunday scramble -- you know, Chad's got a good (indiscernible), so he hits it a little further than myself, and that's gonna give us a big advantage, too.

Q. A lot of teams that come through this event and do pretty well, usually they look back at something they were able to really hang their hat on as a winning tandem. Either a friendship that goes back a long way, or a certain chemistry on the golf course. Is there anything that you guys feel that works so well?
TIM CLARK: Well, I think we're both (indiscernible) to going out on the golf course. We hit some bad shots today, that and doesn't really mean the end of the world.
I think we complement each other that way. I think Chad is certainly a longer player than myself.
Some of the ball flags (indiscernible), so our games complement each other, too.
CHAD CAMPBELL: We do a lot of things very similar. Tim's always in play; most of the time I'm in play. Couple times today I wasn't.
You know, do a lot of things pretty well. You know, both pretty easygoing. This format today, you know you're gonna hit some bad shots. You don't want added pressure from your partner. I don't think we did that today, so it was good.

Q. Can you go through your birdies for us?
CHAD CAMPBELL: 2, Tim made a 40-footer down the hill. It was a great.

Q. Who made it?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Tim did. Let's see, we bogeyed 6, the par-5. Don't want to talk about that. (Laughter.)
7, we birdied 7. Tim made a good putt. About an 8-footer, 10-footer.
Birdied 9. Made about a 20-footer or so. Yeah.
8, did we birdie 8? No, we missed it on 8.
10, 11, 12. I'm trying to think. 12 is a par-3; hit a great shot in there. He hit about probably five feet.

Q. What did you hit?
TIM CLARK: Hit 3-iron.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Great shot. Nice shot.
12, 13. 13, you made -- yeah, you made that putt. I hit that wedge in there. Made about a 10-footer.
14, the par-5 we butchered.
15, 16, and then birdied 18. That was it.
TIM CLARK: 18 was a good birdie. We both hit it a similar yardage, and we couldn't (indiscernible) either one. If one of us feels comfortable with the shots, they hit it, and he felt really comfortable with his yardage.
A little 9-iron. Mine was a little downhill, and it worked out. Hit a great shot at the end and I was able to make a great putt.

Q. You guys swap back and forth like that a lot during the day, see who's more comfortable with the approach or who was feeling better?
TIM CLARK: Well, most times his ball was so far ahead of mine, but particularly 9. I mean, it worked out. Yeah. It worked out. But you're also looking at the ball, (Indiscernible.)

Q. How far would you say the putt was on 18?
TIM CLARK: Eight feet, yeah.

Q. Were you guys surprised at the scores being maybe a little bit higher? I mean, I know it was tough, but when you were out there playing and you saw the scores, were you surprised they weren't a little bit lower?
TIM CLARK: No, not really actually. I thought what Stricker and Jerry were doing out there was incredible.
I expected to see a few more over-par scores, to be honest. The fact that I think only one team is over par right now, that's pretty good.

Q. Kenny Perry was saying yesterday that the course has been wet than usual.
CHAD CAMPBELL: It's playing a little longer, longer than in the past.
TIM CLARK: If it was firm it would be easier.

Q. What did you think Boo Weekely is talking about in his foursome?
TIM CLARK: Tea and crumpets. (Laughter.)
MARK WILLIAMS: Thanks, fellows.

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