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December 5, 2009

Albert Costa

David Ferrer

Juan Carlos Ferrero

Feliciano Lopez

Rafael Nadal


7-6, 7-5, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the Spanish team.

Q. Juan Carlos, nine years ago you were here on the same court when you beat Hewitt, and the crowd were calling your name. Today the crowd called your name again. What was the feeling?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: The feeling was great. It was amazing hearing the crowd say my name again. What I can I say? It's amazing.
We are very happy about it. I don't know what can I say.

Q. Feliciano and Fernando, could you say how much winning the tie against Argentina last year helped for this year's final? Also, when you come to play for Spain in the Davis Cup, do you feel something extra? Does it make your game even better than when you're playing on the tour?
FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: Well, to win the Davis Cup, it's always very special. But when you play at home, it's a very special feeling. Compared to the feeling we had last year in Argentina, there was very difficult compared to here because we were 1-All the first day, here we were 2-Love, and the crowd was completely crazy there, no? Here we had all the crowd supporting us during the whole match, so it was much easier for us to play.
And what was the second question?

Q. Playing for Spain, does it improve your game?
FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: Yeah, definitely. I think to play for your country, for all of us, it's very special. We all give our best when we play for Spain. So it's an extra motivation that we all of us have.

Q. Rafael and David, a lot of teams when they play Davis Cup, they say, We are the real team, but not always they are. With you, the Spanish team is the real team. What is the secret of you being so strong as a team?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, first thing, have good players. That's for sure the first thing. Later after that, sure, we are all very good friends. That helps a lot. That's very important. But first thing is have very good players. In Spain we have a lot.
DAVID FERRER: The same of Rafa. I don't know exactly the secret, but I think we're very good friends and very good player. We have a lot of players in the team of Spain.

Q. Albert, you're only the fourth captain to win the Davis Cup in your first year. Talk about that and how important that is to you, your excitement about winning it this time.
CAPTAIN COSTA: Well, I think the most important thing for me is the players. So without them is no chance for a captain. So that's the most important thing.
And I'm feeling so good. I don't know if the other three, they were like happy like I am now. But what can I say? Is a special moment for me. I had the chance to win it like a player and now as a captain. So I think I'm very lucky man.

Q. Rafa and David, how difficult is it to be an example, to wake up every day, work very hard, to be an example inside and outside the court?
DAVID FERRER: I think it's the job of the players. It's my job. I don't have any problem for to work every day because I play to tennis. Every day is the same for me. I don't have any problem.
But I think all the Spanish players, we are very fighters. You know, we have a very good coaches and very good weather for to play very good to tennis.
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, for me I think everything is easier, no, because I am lucky to play tennis. Is my hobby and at the same time my job. So for me is not very difficult wake up every day and practice hard, no?
Always the motivation is important, wake up every day with the goal to improve something. The day when I wake up and I don't feel this thing, I going to go to play golf or another thing.
FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: Beach, beach, Mallorca.
CAPTAIN COSTA: Malaga, fishing, golf.

Q. Rafa, some people were doubting how physically strong you were before this competition. How would you measure how you were feeling today?

Q. For your tennis.
RAFAEL NADAL: No, I feel great, no? I had a very good practice week before the tournament, before the confrontations. So I was practicing hard. The feeling was really good.
I don't have any problem.

Q. Albert, I know it's tough to look ahead now to Switzerland, but the next tie is against Switzerland and maybe Roger Federer. How do you keep the team motivated and keep the momentum going for that?
CAPTAIN COSTA: Well, I still don't know. We just finish, so we will see if I continue because I still have a one-year contract and we have to talk with the Federation. So we'll see. And then if I continue, I will have a meeting with them and try to convince them to play.

Q. Rafa, does this make up for missing last year's final for you?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, sure last year was disappointing for me don't be there. But for sure for the team was better. Finally they play unbelievable and they won, so they did much better without me than with me.
So this year always a pleasure be on the team in every round, and play the final always is special at home, no? So I just can say thanks very much to the team for the quarterfinals and the semifinals. I wasn't there. But they give me the opportunity to be here.

Q. Rafa and Fernando, there are some players that say in a crowded schedule Davis Cup is too demanding, they don't have the time to play, yet it seems like the Spanish players are always available if asked. Why do you think that is? Why is it important?
RAFAEL NADAL: I agree. I think we always are available because we love represent our country. But, well, that doesn't change the schedule. Probably is not the best.
FERNANDO VERDASCO: Yeah, I think the same, no? I think the schedule is so tight and we have many weeks during the year we finish so late, is impossible to always be ready, no, for play Davis Cup.
But Rafa and me, we had the unlucky that we didn't play two ties this year. You know, we always like to play Davis Cup. We had the chance to be here again in the final, no? We will try to be always, no, because we love to play with Spain. Is so good for us.
But with this schedule so tight, is tough to be always ready.

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