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December 4, 2009

Radek Stepanek


D. FERRER/R. Stepanek
1-6, 2-6, 6-4, 6-4, 8-6

THE MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, we have Radek Stepanek. Questions, please.

Q. Is this the toughest part of your job, to play a match so well and just lose?
RADEK STEPANEK: The toughest part is to lose. Definitely we are playing the Davis Cup final for the first time after 29 years, so those three days means so much to me. And, you know, to lose match like that, that's tennis. We are playing tough battles with David. We always did. We played always nearly five-setters, long matches. At the end he was the lucky one.
But I think I should be proud of what I did today, the way I played. It's very disappointing. But, you know, my head is up and I'm proud, as I said, the way I played today. We had a great battle. I have to congratulate David for pulling it out at the end today.

Q. You have had double the number of unforced errors as well as double the number of winners as David. Seems like you had the best and the worst in this game.
RADEK STEPANEK: You know, I was the one who was dictating the game. Once you're playing aggressive, you're attacking, you're trying to win the point, not just, you know, putting the ball back like he does, then you have to expect mistakes.
I didn't make much the first two sets. It was a one-man show. Since then, it turned around. David fighted back in the third set, then it was even, the whole match.
As I said, I'm the one who is creating the game, and he is the one who was defending all the time. You know, it's the way it had to be because his game is, you know, run around the court, try to bring the balls back as much as he can, and sometimes to attack with the forehand.
But, you know, I was the one who was creating, then the mistakes, you have to expect them.

Q. In your opinion what turned the match and when do you think the match turned?
RADEK STEPANEK: Definitely the third set, you know, I was already in control. And then since David broke me for the first time, he got a little bit up. He pumped up, he started to make, you know -- he was not missing that much. My balls went just a bit next to the line. It was not already in.
The third set turned around the match and extended.

Q. I imagine it's too early to ask you, but what about tomorrow with the doubles, do you think you are going to play? Do you want to play?
RADEK STEPANEK: We didn't met yet in the locker room to discuss what's gonna happen tomorrow. We're gonna do it after I'm done here. I have to still do the doping control. But when I get back, we definitely will talk about it. We'll see how we feel and then we can make a decision until tomorrow morning.

Q. Are you physically able to play tomorrow and Sunday? Do you count yourself in still for tomorrow?
RADEK STEPANEK: I think you see me walking, breathing, talking. I think I'm physically able to play another match (smiling). I played even tougher matches. Don't worry. I played six hours last time.

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