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December 4, 2009

Rafael Nadal


R. NADAL/T. Berdych
7-5, 6-0, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: We'll take questions for Rafa.

Q. 5-All in the first set seemed to be the really crucial period in the match. What do you think made the difference for you today?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, was a little bit nervous in the beginning, playing shorter than usual in this surface for me. After that, the first set was the key, no? After winning the first set, everything change. I played longer. I played more close to the lines, having the control of the point more times with the forehand, and without mistakes. So that was the key.
I feeled Tomas was more tired than me after the first set.

Q. Some atmosphere out there. Tell us about that. Was it the kind of match and setting that really suited you coming off a run of defeats?
RAFAEL NADAL: The atmosphere was unbelievable since the beginning, no? It's unbelievable, the crowd supporting a lot our team. That's very important for us. We just can say thanks a lot to the Spanish crowd and to the Barcelona crowd.
Sure, for us is more confident going out with this support.

Q. Does it feel different for you when you're on court representing a team, your country, rather than playing as an individual?
RAFAEL NADAL: I always feel team player. I am more team player than singles player. That's my opinion. I love the sports by teams. In tennis, I only can play here.
But always is a pleasure, no, represent my country. Sure, represent me and my friends, no? So is very nice finish the match and win together, lose together.

Q. How much are you really surprised after the first set that Tomas left completely physically, mentally and technically the court? Are you surprised or not?
RAFAEL NADAL: I think he leave because I started to play much better. That's my feeling today. I played without mistakes later, having the ball closer to the lines, playing higher, longer, and without mistakes.
So, you know, is tough after losing a long first set, when the opponent is still playing better and better in the second set, my feeling was Tomas was a little bit more tired than me after that. I was confident with the crowd behind me. I started to play my tennis on clay after the first set.

Q. Can I get your reaction to the World Cup draw, Spain against Honduras, Chile and Switzerland?
RAFAEL NADAL: It is not a bad draw, not a bad draw for us. You know, everybody right now is talking about Spain gonna win. I think that's not positive for us. We know how tough is win a World Cup. A lot of factors depends, because when you play only one match, anything can happen, no, against any opponent. So we have a very complete team. I think for sure we are one of the favorites.
But everything gonna be really difficult, no? And everybody must know that before going there. The players know, sure, but we must be calm and humble, the crowd. That's gonna be important. Don't put too much pression to them, to the players, no? Because the normal thing is lose.

Q. You said Spain is one of the favorites for World Cup. Can you tell me other favorites?
RAFAEL NADAL: England for sure, Brazil. I don't know. The same always, no? Italy. Argentina, I said? Argentina, sure. Portugal have a good team. Yeah, a lot of teams can win, no? Probably these four are the favorites for me.

Q. Is it fair to say maybe it was the match you were looking for for many weeks?
RAFAEL NADAL: I just wait to play well and try to win and try to put the 1-0 for my country, and I won. I didn't wait no one match. I only expect go on court and try my best. You never know what's happen later.

Q. Don't you feel you played better than you played in London the last week?
RAFAEL NADAL: Wasn't very difficult. But, sure, I did.

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