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December 3, 2009

Tomas Berdych

Lukas Dlouchy

Jaroslav Navratil

Radek Stepanek


THE MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, we can begin now. First question, please.

Q. I would like to know from Berdych and Stepanek if you've seen the last results of Nadal and if you are more optimistic about this Davis Cup match or do you think about on clay everything is changing?
RADEK STEPANEK: No, I think definitely last matches didn't went Rafa's way as he is used to. I said once all the guys gonna step on clay on their home surface, the situation will completely change.
I think we are expecting Rafa in the hundred percent shape. There is no other way to expect him to be ready.
TOMAS BERDYCH: I just would like to add that it doesn't help to his confidence after losing three matches in a row. But, as Radek said, I just have to agree with him, that he's gonna play back home on clay and it's gonna be completely different match for him.

Q. Radek, are you surprised that you'll be seeing David Ferrer tomorrow as opposed to Fernando Verdasco, who has obviously been the more player for them this year?
RADEK STEPANEK: I've been guessing little bit since there were rumors that Fernando is not feeling well from the health-wise. And, you know, I'm not surprised. I said every player in the Spanish team is on the highest level and doesn't matter who it's gonna be. It's gonna be very tough much either way.
If Fernando didn't feel ready, you know, I know what is it for responsibility to go in the match and doesn't feel healthy. So, yeah, I was ready for either of them, and I'm looking forward to that match.

Q. Captain, Czech Republic has been traditionally a land of great players. It's not easy to make it to the final of a Davis Cup. Is this historic or just a normal day?
CAPTAIN NAVRATIL: It's not historic. It's just a good Czech tennis school. We have Radek Stepanek and Tomas Berdych now and I hope is coming other young players for our country.

Q. How do you beat Spain on clay because the record shows they're unbeatable in almost 10 years? How do you beat them, Radek and Tomas?
RADEK STEPANEK: I think the tactic is pretty simple: to win three match points in the three matches out of five, then we are fine. But definitely it's going to be a difficult job to do it. But we have respect in front of the Spain team.
But we came here to fight for our three points over the weekend, and we gonna do everything for that.

Q. Jaroslav, you've won the doubles all year long with Radek and Tomas, why switch it up here?
CAPTAIN NAVRATIL: Always is very important point for the victory. So now is going good; they won last five matches. I think and I hope that staying.

Q. Tomas, you had a little off-court difficulty in your match with Nadal in Madrid a few years ago. Do you think that will play any part in your match with him tomorrow?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, I don't think so. I mean, it's quite a long time ago and everybody I think just forgot that. I mean, since that time there is no problem between me and Rafael. I think it's just really a long time ago, and I don't think this small thing has a part in this game.
I mean, this is a final. Is going to be everything different. We can be looking for other things. This is really long. There is no other problems between each other.

Q. To the captain and the two doubles players. When you think about the doubles, do you think you are favored? What is the difference playing two lefties, if you can explain to us if it is more difficult, and if you have played against two lefties?
LUKAS DLOUHY: So I think it's not big difference to play against two lefty guys. Once you get used to it, to the left serves, everything is different, so I think it's not a big difference to play against two lefties.
CAPTAIN NAVRATIL: Feliciano López and Fernando Verdasco are a good team. They play together on the tournament. We have to expect that they are strong team, too. You know, maybe that doubles, we have to see first after the first day how is going the singles, and then we will see.

Q. Radek or Tomas, nine years ago when they played the final here, they had a lot of football fans in and it made for a very interesting atmosphere, where a lot of the away team's winners were booed. Are you prepared for a crowd that is very, very passionate for Spain in a way that is not generally accustomed in tennis matches?
RADEK STEPANEK: You know, we are expecting that definitely the home crowd is gonna be behind the Spanish team. You know, as we know, this stadium is pretty big, you know, to fit 18,000 people. It's amazing.
I believe that the atmosphere is gonna be great. I hope even they are not related the fans with the tennis, they will keep the level of fair play. If they gonna boo us, that happens sometimes. But, as I said, I hope it's gonna be in a fair play level and everybody's gonna enjoy the tennis. We see how it's gonna go.
One more thing. I think the Spain crowd is very sport country, which I was able to see, you know, at the soccer matches and everywhere. So I believe it's gonna be, you know, very exciting for even players and the fans as well.

Q. Tomas, you have to start tomorrow playing against the No. 1, Rafael Nadal. Is that something you prefer? Do you like starting for the first point or would you prefer to have ended up playing the second point?
TOMAS BERDYCH: No, I would say that for me it's fine to start at that time. You know you're going to go on court and you can get all your rhythm properly and you can just get ready for the match, then at 4:00 just go to the court and try your best.
For me, it's quite a good schedule for the next day. I'm going to try my best to fight for the first point.

Q. Tomas, you've lost your last four against Rafael. Rafael is coming in here on a very bad streak, three losses at the ATP World Finals. Could you ask for a better time to play Rafael than now?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, there is still one thing, as Radek said before: yeah, Rafael lost all the three matches in the World Finals, but still he gonna play at home, he's gonna play on clay. That's his best surface, and he always like to play on this one.
I don't think it's going to make any big changes. He's going to be ready for the match, and I have to prepare for myself hundred percent to be ready and try my best, and then there is a chance to score the first point.

Q. Radek and Tomas, you usually play the tournament in Barcelona. You got to the semis. Do they treat you right in Barcelona for the past years? When you come here, do you feel like home?
RADEK STEPANEK: You know, if they would treat us right, we would have a couple of titles at home. No, I'm joking.
No, during the tournament, they took great care of us. I was always feeling good playing here in Barcelona. I was always enjoying the city and everything. I know that the Barcelona tournament has one special thing, which is the announcer for the matches. That's memorable. I hope that it's gonna keep going with the guy as long as is possible because it's pretty funny when he's calling the matches during the tournament.

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