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December 3, 2009

Lee Westwood


Q. For a little bit this afternoon you were on top of the leaderboard, tied at the top of the board, and when you got to No. 10, you had a beautiful approach shot to the par-410, we're going to see that right now. What was the key to you getting around the front nine and then on this golf shot here?
LEE WESTWOOD: Well, I played pretty well around the front nine. Just a shame I didn't finish it off. Had a lot of good shots out there.

Q. That was a pretty good one.
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, that was a good one. If you hit some bad shots out there, it's going to penalize you, so I got what I deserved.

Q. You seem to be doing okay, but on the 18th hole, your second shot, you slipped a little bit. Did you get hurt?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I just pulled something, not much, but my back foot went as I came into the ball, and yeah, there you go. It should be all right.

Q. So you'll be okay, you'll be all right for the next three days here?

Q. How difficult was it out there? I know the finish was not great, but how difficult is the golf course playing even though we're playing in pristine conditions?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, it's tricky if you get out of position. The greens are so quick and so undulated that you can short-side yourself quite easily.
And you know, there's not a lot of room out there on 16, 18 in the water right, and 18's a tough hole, and if you start hitting off line, then it penalizes you, which is what a good golf course is all about.

Q. I'm glad you're okay.

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