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November 29, 2009

John Merrick

Nick Watney


Q. So are you more disappointed, disappointed that this came so late, or happy that you played well today and ended up with a nice finish?
NICK WATNEY: It's a little of both. Obviously today we played really, really well. I mean, it's so simple. Easy day, really. A little disappointed that we just couldn't get out of our own ways and we made some big numbers.
It was a great week, but I guess that's golf. There's always a "what if," I guess.

Q. Can you explain yesterday? It should have been easier yesterday and harder today and yet you guys --
NICK WATNEY: We got off to a decent start, and then just made a huge, huge mistake on 15. John went for the green, I laid up and then I hit just a really, really poor shot in the water.
So it was just kind of a comedy of errors there and really can't explain it. I don't know what the odds were of we both making 8 on the same hole, but unfortunately it happened.

Q. And then today?
JOHN MERRICK: We kept telling ourselves to stay patient. The first two days, the putt wouldn't drop, and we just couldn't get anything going and made a couple of mistakes. You know, obviously we were way too far today to be any factor in the tournament. But it was nice we got it going today. We didn't play that much different. I think a couple putts dropped and maybe I hit it closer a couple more times than I have been but it didn't really feel that much different. It's just golf, nobody will understand this game, it's just a frustrating game.

Q. Must be better to get on the plane tonight in the Top-10 than leaving at a T-22?
JOHN MERRICK: Absolutely. When you're playing for your country, you're playing for your pride. You never want to finish back of the pack. You want to give it your all. It was fun to putt on a good show today.

Q. Your thoughts for the week. You had the experience a couple of weeks ago in China, your first time here, overall?
JOHN MERRICK: It's awesome. There's so much support for golf here. The people love golf. They really make you feel like just something special. It's pretty cool. There's a lot of support here.

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