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November 29, 2009

Henrik Stenson


HENRIK STENSON: We had a great week. We played well all week. Unfortunately my putter was too cold today. That's what it comes down to in my book. Had a great putt on the last, 45 feet or whatever, looked in most of the time and went down and came back up again, and that was for the playoff the way it turns out.
Obviously a little bit of disappointment there, but I can't really hold a 45-foot lipout on the last responsible. I had plenty of chances today and I didn't take them, so it's basically down to my putting today.

Q. You use the phrase plenty of chances; there were as a team, weren't there.
HENRIK STENSON: Absolutely. No, just coming out one short, I think we did great. We wanted to be one of the teams up in the top and we were, and yeah, I mean, all credit to the Molinari brothers to win the World Cup for Italy, and they played great all week. That's how small the margins are.

Q. You and Robert combined last year and you know just what it takes; for a family affair to do it like this, that's quite some going?
HENRIK STENSON: Absolutely and they both had a fantastic year. Hats off to them, and they have done a great job.
Yeah, we are just going to have to come back and win it for Sweden again in the future.

Q. You do fancy that; you do fancy contesting the World Cup again?
HENRIK STENSON: Absolutely. I played four times now. -been second, third, first and second. So it's definitely a tournament that I enjoy and I play well in.
So you know, just got to keep Robert going as long as I can.

Q. Not a shabby record at all, is it?
HENRIK STENSON: He's a few years older than me but we'll see. I'll keep him out of retirement for a while.

Q. Putting your feet up for the season this year?
HENRIK STENSON: Actually Robert and myself are going to Nedbank in South Africa next week, and a couple of weeks' break before we kickoff again, and I will play a few more tournaments in the States next year.
I'm taking up my membership on the PGA TOUR, and yeah, just going to try and keep on finding my form and hopefully I'll have some good tournaments in the spring for The Ryder Cup.

Q. Hopefully that means we won't see less of you, because it is a Ryder Cup year, so we are bound to see you in Europe?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, absolutely. But it will be a few tournaments less and a few more in America. But I'm just focused on finding my game and playing well, and hopefully qualifying.

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