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November 29, 2009

Ross Fisher

Ian Poulter


IAN POULTER: I said it yesterday. We had to go low today. We played well on Friday on foursomes, and we have come out, we've hit every fairway, every green. We have had 18 birdie looks, a couple of eagle looks, and we shot 8-under par, which is a great score in foursomes. You see a 10-under par out there in foursomes, and I really do feel that we left a few shots out there today.
So even though it's a great score, I'm disappointed, and I think Ross will be disappointed, as well. I think we could have shot, no joke, 12-under par. Had we had done that, four shots more, that's 30-under par, that definitely would have troubled it today.

Q. No consolation that it's more than respectable?
ROSS FISHER: Slightly, but like Poults said the other day we were coming here to win. We were one of the favourites. Ireland were very strong, Italy and Sweden, so four very strong teams. Obviously other teams that are strong, but we genuinely felt that we had a really good chance.
We played decent for the three days last year. We had a shocking start really. We got off to a slow start and too much ground to catch up and similar story this week really. We shot some great scores, but feels like every day we left at least three or four shots out there. You look at that, we could be mid-30s under par, which we would have been walking it.
But then you could probably say the same thing about every team. But I think overall, delighted to finish like that, with a 64, was pleasing.

Q. And I guess the wider picture for the OMEGA World Cup, great to see the nations that are up there, you included to have strong teams with good scores in a fine competition.
IAN POULTER: Sure. Foursomes is a difficult format and whenever you have guys shooting 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-under par in foursomes, is seriously good golf.
Goes to show how strong all of the fields are and how strong all of the teams are out here. They are very, very strong. It's a good turnout this week. There are some great teams, and there are some great scores.

Q. What's next for you both?
ROSS FISHER: I'm off to South Africa, and Mr. Poulter is off to America, and then we hook up a week later playing in the Shark Shootout in the States.
So I think we are both looking forward to next week. I'm Sun City and Poults is in Tiger's event, so we have both got some golf to be played next week. Hopefully we can do a little double act again like we did a few weeks ago, and then you know, just hopefully hook up and play the Shark Shootout and just fill that wheelbarrow with a bit more cash.

Q. And a partnership in Wales next year maybe, who knows?
IAN POULTER: It would be nice. You look at foursomes play, we shot 7-under on Sunday, we have shot 8-under today; we were at 3-under par I think on Friday, and if I remember right, it was at least 3- or 4-under par Friday last year.
So you know, you add those scores together, we can play good golf in foursomes. So it's encouraging to know that there's definitely a potential partnership, and let's hope we both make the side.

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