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November 28, 2009

Max Mirnyi

Andy Ram


6-4, 7-6


Q. Must be pretty happy with that.
MAX MIRNYI: Yeah, well, certainly another day, another good match. Happy to come away with a win. It's a tough situation here. You play the last tournament of the year, it's the finals. There's a lot to play for. It's a great crowd. You want to play your best tennis in front of.
Really happy that we've come through.

Q. Is it a relief to have the group situation out of the way where you're not worrying about what you need to do to qualify, you just know that you're through?
ANDY RAM: Well, yes. Yesterday after we won, we were kind of relaxed, happy to be in semifinal. I thought we deserved to be in semifinal, the way we played, all week from the first match, really with good energy on the court, every point.
I felt we deserved to be there, the semifinal. Like Max says, another good day in the office. We're looking forward to a great day tomorrow.

Q. Any preference to who you face in the final?
MAX MIRNYI: I think either way it's going to be a tough contest. We've played against either team many times. Tomorrow is just going to be another exciting day. This is probably our biggest occasion for the time that we've played together. Sure, we won Indian Wells.
ANDY RAM: Won Miami. Finals of Indian Wells.
MAX MIRNYI: Yeah. This tournament is right up there with the Grand Slams. Today we felt the energy was a level up from even yesterday, even though yesterday was still a big match. But today we were excited. We were powerful. We were helpful. We were cheering each other. At the end we got through.

Q. You say it's one of your biggest moments as a pair. Does it make you regret the decision not to carry on next season?
ANDY RAM: For sure, we did a mistake (laughter).
MAX MIRNYI: No, I think...
ANDY RAM: We're both professional players. Max obviously decided to play less tournaments next year, stay with the family, with the business. It worked well for Mahesh. They played in the past together. So obviously they're going to be one of the strongest teams next year.
We're just enjoying our last matches together. I think I'm talking to myself. Enjoyed very much last year, really, playing with Max. Learned a lot from him on the court and off the court. It was a great experience. We're just going to keep staying friends on tour. I'm going to see him every week he's gonna play. I think we're both going to have good partners for next year, so...
MAX MIRNYI: Exactly.
ANDY RAM: You like my answer?
MAX MIRNYI: (Nodding head.) (Smiling).

Q. Of the two pairs you might face tomorrow, can you explain how you would approach them differently.
ANDY RAM: We played both teams, likes Max says, before. We beat Bhupathi-Knowles twice, lost to them twice, or three times. We beat the Bryans three times, we lost twice. We know exactly how to play both teams. There are no secrets. We played them many times.

Q. Can you summarize?
ANDY RAM: I think against the Bryans, it will be a different match obviously because we beat them. Confidence. They're going to try to prove something, they're going to play for No. 1. They're going to be very pumped.
Any match is going to be very tough. Final of Masters. Everybody is going to be tough. Playing in front of 15,000 people, it's just gonna be tough match for everybody, for all four players on court, and exciting for the crowd, I think.

Q. Any way you'd adapt your style or technique at all depending on who you're playing?
MAX MIRNYI: I think we're going to try to bring the best that we have in our games. High percentage is going to work against either team. High percentage of first serves, the more balls in. It's all the general stuff that everyone knows to implement on the doubles court we're going to try tomorrow. I just think overall energy is going to be a key.
Today we really found ourselves at a different level mentally and physically. Hopefully tomorrow we're going to continue. It's an exciting day to look forward to tomorrow.

Q. Both the other teams move and cover the court just as well?
MAX MIRNYI: They've played for a long time. They're experienced. They know the game. They're certainly going to look for ways to win, and so are we. That's why it's going to be exciting.

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