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November 28, 2009

Robert Karlsson

Henrik Stenson


ROBERT KARLSSON: It was very exciting to play against tire land, especially all together with Ireland, especially Rory, a young talent, and Graeme, a good friend of ours who has played in The Ryder Cup. We had good fun out there.

Q. You and Henrik obviously have had some great success in this tournament and that's continuing this year. Just talk about playing with Henrik as your partner?
ROBERT KARLSSON: It's great. I enjoy playing with Henrik. He's a very, very strong player, and I have a lot of faith in him. Hopefully he's got a bit of faith in me, as well. That's why we combine well together. Definitely looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Talk about maybe some of the key moments, key holes or shots out there today.
ROBERT KARLSSON: I mean, par 5s you need to score well on the par 5s. There's five of them out there. We didn't miss one of them but that's okay. We were in a bit of a problem a couple of times. 18 is a hole where a bit can happen a bit, as well, and 15; a few holes with a bit of water around. It's an exciting golf course and one set up well for better-ball and foursomes.

Q. The format tomorrow is usually more difficult on players, but you guys seem to play well even in that format. Talk about tomorrow's strategy.
ROBERT KARLSSON: Tomorrow is foursomes, so it's slightly different. It's low scoring. You can see on the numbers on the board already, so you need to keep going and keep focussing and keep playing well.
Foursomes, I think it's very easy to get to worried about the next shot that you're going to give to your partner. But I think we played enough now together that we know, I'm going out playing it like it was actually my ball and just trying to do the best, and in places more conservative. It's not straight at the flag with every shot, because you're going to finish with that ball. In better-ball you can throw it around a bit more.
But I mean, we are having fun out there and we are going to keep doing that tomorrow.

Q. Italy came in tied with you guys at 25 as well so I think you guys are going out one group before Ireland. Do you like maybe being able to put a little heat on them, or would you rather play with them and see what they are doing?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Well, we will get what we get. We shot 62 today and Italy was better, so they will be going out in the last group. There are both pros and cons being in the last group. Especially here there's a lot of new photographers out there and a lot of cameras around. If you're in the group ahead, you probably have a little bit less of that.
The other thing, if you're ahead and get off to a good start like we did last year, we can sort of do our own game and put a bit of pressure because they don't really know what we are doing.
On the other side if they are playing really well on the last group, it's nice to be there. So I mean, you never know until tomorrow afternoon if it was good or not.

Q. What would it mean for you guys to repeat, and do you wish the Olympics were maybe a little bit sooner?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Well, you know, it's great for golf to be in the Olympics. But tomorrow we have to take care of it and we can go out and play a good foursomes tomorrow, there's every chance but it's going to be tough, because it's three really, really good teams at the top and playing at the top of their abilities, so it's going to be exciting.
HENRIK STENSON: We are very happy with our score today. I was cold in the beginning and Robert had to pull us for seven eight holes, and I came in and hit some good shots on 8 and 9; and then also on 11, 12, 13, and that obviously it helps when your partner is eight feet away or something. But that 6-iron, it was straight at it. Someone coughed at the top of the backswing but still straight at it and it landed perfect. Obviously by the crowd reaction and the way the ball finished up, I knew it had to lip out or hit the pin. So it wasn't far off from a hole-in-one. I've been close on a few other occasions this week, as well. So I don't know, maybe tomorrow.

Q. And you were close throughout in terms of matching Ireland; it was almost match play out there?
HENRIK STENSON: Absolutely. They played great today. We were just throwing punches back and forth. You know, I'm very pleased that we managed to creep a little bit closer and close the gap a little bit.
You know, we are right in the mix tomorrow and it's going to be -- I think Ireland and Italy in the last group. We are second from the back, so it's going to be a good day again tomorrow, I hope. We have the recipe from last year with a 63 in the foursome, if we can get anything close to that tomorrow, I think we have a good chance.

Q. Do you think it's actually better than in the mix, given what you achieved last year and given the fact that you are better placed this time around?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I think so. In all fairness, the crowd is quite wild out there with all of the mobile phones and cameras and also the cameraman. I don't think it's a disadvantage to be out in the second-to-last group instead, and you know, it's going to be a little bit more quiet for us I think.

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