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November 27, 2009

Max Mirnyi

Andy Ram


7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You must be really relieved to wrap that up in straight sets.
ANDY RAM: Yes, we are actually. We talked about it earlier. It was tough going out there today, especially when we know we have to win to get through to the semifinal. They didn't actually have a lot to play for, except the money, obviously. But they couldn't get a place in semifinal, so they were playing much more loose.
It was tough, very tough. Very emotional match. It wasn't about tennis today. It was about controlling our emotions. We did it good today.
The crucial times when we needed the points, we controlled it and happy we got through.

Q. Do you have any preference who you play tomorrow?
ANDY RAM: I think no, not really. We came here very strong mentally, knowing that we can beat any team in the tournament. So to win the title, you have to win all the teams basically.
We're ready to beat all the teams. So no matter who we play, we have to play strong, like we did in the last three matches, keep up the good performance, and we can do it.

Q. Does the fact this is your last tournament together spur you on to try to give you more momentum to go as far as you can in this tournament?
MAX MIRNYI: Yeah, I guess to make it last for as long as we can, sure. But even though we're not going to be playing next year, we'll still be part of a big family at the ATP Tour, seeing each other, training together. At least it's not in my mind.
Just taking into account this tournament, particularly you want to do the best you can. We've come through the stage of round robin competition, and now take one match at a time. But there's still two more to win the tournament.
Whoever's there on Saturday we're gonna treat as our toughest opponent and try to come through the match on Saturday.

Q. Who are you going to play with next year?
MAX MIRNYI: Well, I'm gonna spend some time with Mahesh Bhupathi. He and Knowles are not playing together after this tournament. So him and I are going to play some tournaments. Not sure which tournaments yet. But I will split some more time between my new young family that's expanding very rapidly, my new business that's growing also very rapidly, and also the passion for tennis that I still have.
I'll still be around, sharing some time on the court with Mahesh Bhupathi.

Q. Andy?
ANDY RAM: Me, I will start the season with Michael Llodra, and we'll see how it works. In Australia, I start with Michael Llodra. We take it from there. We see how we do.

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