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November 26, 2009

Mariusz Fyrstenberg

Marcin Matkowski


6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Bad luck today. Must be very disappointing for it to come down to the final match and lose out.
MARCIN MATKOWSKI: Yeah, you're right. It was disappointing. But maybe not because we lost the second match. But we start the tournament on a high note, beating Nestor/Zimonjic. Then we played a good match against Bhupathi and Knowles. Today we didn't play well.
Cermak and Mertinak, they played a good match. When we look at our game, it was much worse than the first two matches. Just disappointed we couldn't keep the level up the way we played the first match. Today on the court, simply they were clearly the better team and they deserve to go up.
So it's disappointing, but that's life. When you don't play well, you're losing.

Q. What do you think the reason was? Tiredness?
MARIUSZ FYRSTENBERG: I don't know. We played the last four years like team No. 8, 7, 9, 10, maybe 6 sometimes. I think this is the reason we are on this number. We cannot go up because we beat great teams during the season a few times, then we lose to the very bad teams.
I think this is the key we have to work on. We have to work on it. We have to talk and we see.
MARCIN MATKOWSKI: Obviously, Mariusz didn't mean that Cermak and Mertinak were a bad team. They're very good. They won five tournaments this year.
MARIUSZ FYRSTENBERG: Yeah. I'm saying about the whole season.
MARCIN MATKOWSKI: They were better today. So we have to congratulate them. But we're disappointed we didn't perform the way we were supposed to and we were hoping to, because we played a good match. Today wasn't our best.

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