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November 26, 2009

John Merrick

Nick Watney


Q. Thoughts on the first day?
NICK WATNEY: We both had a lot of chances today, both hit the ball pretty well. Like I said, the putts didn't drop for us today, but you know, we weren't hitting poor putts. Just couldn't find the bottom.
So just probably go get some food, relax a little while, practice a little bit and get after it again tomorrow.

Q. And can you talk about this magnificent facility here? How do you consider it?
NICK WATNEY: It's incredible. I heard there was 12 golf courses here, and definitely one of the hilliest courses that -- I think it's probably the hilliest course I've ever played. The facility itself, we are staying on site, and it's a 20-minute car ride. So the facility is humongous and it's a good golf course. It's just a matter of us playing it a little better.

Q. You obviously played well, you must feel comfortable in China, having a good couple of weeks here?
NICK WATNEY: Yeah, I like it. It's really cool to be able to travel and play golf. My girlfriend and I were talking about that. If I didn't play golf, I would probably never have come to China. So we are enjoying it here and I think we are trying to take it all in, but at the same time, maybe take the trophy home, as well.

Q. Didn't do everything you wanted to do, but didn't shoot yourself out of it I guess.
JOHN MERRICK: We didn't do that. It's frustrating. I hit it close on the last hole and missed it. It's frustrating. We didn't get everything out of our round today.

Q. Did you worry at all when you see Argentina get to ten early, and what Ireland was doing?
JOHN MERRICK: Yeah, you do kind of glance at the board but you just try to stay in the moment and play each shot as best you can. It's frustrating. I think we played a lot better than what we showed today.

Q. Thoughts on tomorrow, alternate-shot?
JOHN MERRICK: I'm excited, just because we didn't really make any bogeys. I think we had a bogey each today, which is pretty good. If we were playing alternate-shot, we probably would have scored a lot better today.

Q. Did you feel good out there, over the jet-lag and all that?
JOHN MERRICK: Yeah, I felt fine. My body felt great and we are looking forward to tomorrow.

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