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November 24, 2009

Mahesh Bhupathi

Mark Knowles


3-6, 6-3, 10-7

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You must be pretty pleased to come through such a tight match.
MARK KNOWLES: Yeah, we're excited, very excited. Yeah, especially because they were playing extremely well. They were serving at an incredible rate; very hard, but also high percentage.
You know, they were playing really, really well there in the first set. We just kind of rode them out, got a couple looks at a second serve in the second set, and were able to return well and turn the match around.
We played really solid at the end and kind of raised our level.

Q. Two wins out of two leaves you in a great position in the group.
MARK KNOWLES: Yeah, we're excited. You know, we've played this round robin format for many years. You know, your goal is just to take one match at a time. Obviously you never know how it's going to end up at the end.
But the easiest way to control your destiny is to win all three matches. That's been our goal. We've gotten two down and we've got one more to go.

Q. Can you reassess your goals now? Do you reassess the goals?
MAHESH BHUPATHI: Not really. I think we're still going to have to win to make it to the semifinal. Depends how the evening match pans out. A good possibility three teams might end up with two wins. Like Mark said, try to focus and win that third match so there's no doubt.

Q. You evidently wouldn't like to look at the semifinals at this stage?
MAHESH BHUPATHI: When we get there we will (smiling).

Q. Anything positive that you can take from after being a set down, to take the next set, and then be 5-Love up in the tiebreak?
MAHESH BHUPATHI: Yeah, I mean, for us, we didn't do much wrong. Those guys were just playing lights out. They were serving big. They were ripping their returns. So we just hung in there. They gave us a small opportunity. Double-fault at 2-1 in the second set. We were able to capitalize.
You know, that's all you can do when someone is playing really well. The positive is we have two wins now and the pressure is on the other teams.

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