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November 22, 2009

Juan Martin Del Potro


A. MURRAY/J. Del Potro
6-3, 3-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Juan Martin.

Q. What happened in the first set? You had to call the trainer. What was exactly the problem for you?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: My nose. I have a big nose, so that's the problem.

Q. How much did it bother you during that set?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: Not too much. Andy start to play very hard, very good. He broke my serve very early, then he takes the control of the first set.

Q. Murray won the first five games, then you won the second set. Can you explain why it shifted that much in each set?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: I don't know. I don't know. Against Andy, always the match is very tough, you know. We play three set in every tournament, every match.
Today was a little strange, but he play great tennis in the third set. He has a little lucky, but you need the lucky to win. And today was with him.

Q. How did you find the atmosphere inside the arena? Did you find it different to other big stadiums?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: Yeah, we have a very good atmosphere, very good crowd. Many Argentinians come to watch this tournament. So I'm very, very happy to be part of the eight players.

Q. What about the conditions and speed of the court? How was that?

Q. Fast? Slow?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: Normal. Normal. Maybe it's better for Federer. But I like it.

Q. Your nosebleed, is that a problem you've had before?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: Yeah, sometimes.

Q. What causes it?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: Bleeding. Just bleeding. I don't know why.

Q. What do you think about Soderling's chances in this tournament? Do you look forward to come to Sweden and play Davis Cup next year?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: Soderling has a great season. He's playing very good. He has very good opponents in his group. Maybe he has a chance to pass to semis.
For the Davis Cup, of course, will be tough for the Argentinian team.

Q. You said before the tournament that some of your Argentinian football friends might come to watch you. Were there any there today?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: I didn't see anybody (laughter). Nobody want to come.

Q. You've had quite a few problems since you won the US Open, a couple of retirements. Are you in the sort of shape to win this title or are you not feeling a hundred percent?
JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: I feel good. I feel good. I'm start to playing better. Maybe I get the confidence again to finish a good tournament here. But I have very good opponents in my front.

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