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November 22, 2009

Ross McGowan


Q. Congratulations, excellent result, second spot in this tournament, how happy are you about that?
ROSS McGOWAN: Very happy. Obviously the win would have been a lot better but gave it my all out there this week. Played great on the back nine to finish and start putting a bit of pressure on Lee, and he kept fighting back with birdies and down the last three holes I dropped a couple of shots. At the end of the day, I was never going to catch him, so that's a shame.

Q. Was it rather intimidating playing with Lee today or motivating?
ROSS McGOWAN: A bit of both really. Obviously he's one of the best in the world and he's been playing great recently. And it's just that I kept in there and gave him a chance. So I think it bodes well for me for the future.

Q. You have to say that was Westy as his absolute imperious best.
ROSS McGOWAN: To be fair, the last two days, he's played fantastic, holed lots of putts which I think has been his nemesis over the last few years and there's not much you can do about it, somebody who hits the ball as well as he does and holes putts, that's a tough game to compete in. But I gave it my all, and gave it a little chance at the end there.

Q. Talking about yourself, there's a lot of doors opening up for you now, finishing second gets you into things like the majors in America, good World Ranking points, bonus pool, everything. You were well aware of all these issues, were you?
ROSS McGOWAN: Obviously I was well aware of it on 17 in the bunker there. Sort of put it on the green and take your two putts.
Same on 18, play super safe and get out of there and had sort of four or five shots to play at the end.

Q. How would you encapsulate your season in general?
ROSS McGOWAN: I played great I think. Couldn't have expected this at the beginning of the year. My goal, Top 15, thought I might not make it after the middle part of the year. But finished well and I think only 300,000 Euros off going into August, so to make another million since then, it's very pleasing. I'm very happy.

Q. Kick on and see where it can take you, more victories?
ROSS McGOWAN: Yeah, next year, set the goals a bit higher, be playing in the majors, as well. So hopefully we can put ourselves in contention in those.

Q. What's your record in America?
ROSS McGOWAN: I played the U.S. Open and made the cut. Didn't have the strongest weekend. But I played quite a lot in the States when I was in University there.

Q. Ever played August?
ROSS McGOWAN: I haven't played Augusta, but it would be very nice to. My schedule sorts itself out a little more now. I'm not sure how many World Ranking points I'm likely to get, but a few more World Ranking points at the beginning of next season and hopefully we can push into the Top-50 and get into the Masters.

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