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November 22, 2009

Ross Fisher


Q. From your state of mind going into it, and now?
ROSS FISHER: Relieved it's over. Kind of hoping that Ogilvy doesn't do too well to overtake me, because I'll be a bit disappointed if I finish fifth overall.
So, yeah, overall, you know, pleased with the year. Disappointed I think finishing this week. Just never really got comfortable on the golf course. Just found it tricky and I just wasn't a massive fan of it to be honest, and I just really struggled to get to grips with it.
But you look at the scoring and there's obviously a way to play it. If we come back next year, I have to try to figure out a way to play this course, because I haven't the last four days.

Q. You said at the Genworth ceremonies the other night, it's been some season.
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, I mean, when I sat down and put my goals down for this year, wanted to improve as a year, finish higher up on The Race to Dubai, win again, and obviously progress in the World Rankings. And to do all four of those, it's obviously been a successful year. I would say it's probably surpassed my expectations. Now, obviously the majors this year have been tremendous. Obviously to finish the PGA and see that little stat that came up saying I was the best player in it all four majors over 16 rounds, I'm going to remember that for a long time.
And I was a bit frustrated throughout the year. I could have won a couple of majors easily if I would have putted half-decent. I had really good chances. But it was nice to obviously win the Volvo World Match Play in my first go. So like you say overall it's been a pretty good year.

Q. But it's not the end of it.
ROSS FISHER: No, it's not. Still got to go next week and win the World Cup with Poults. He's playing very, very well and obviously he wins the same week as I won, so we are both playing pretty good. Hopefully I can cope a little better next week on the greens than I did this week.
But yeah, I'm looking forward to that and off to Sun City which I've never been to before. I've heard great things about it and then finishing up again with Poults in the Shark Shootout. So I have a lot of golf with Mr. Poulter. I'm sure we'll be very well acquainted after the next three weeks.

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