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November 21, 2009

Alexander Noren


Q. Tell us about your day today. Another good one?
ALEXANDER NOREN: It was good. Felt a lot more fun to play because I thought I had a little bit more control of the ball. Yesterday and the day before, I putted great, and got a lot of up-and-downs and I kept putting good today, but I also felt like when I stood over the ball that I had a clue where it was going.
The driver has been good all week, though, and just that the wedges and irons got a lot closer today and got some good chances. You know, a few easy birdies, and then great to hole it on 18.

Q. I presume when you finish 18 as you did on day two, that just gives such momentum and confidence and just a joy to go back out there again?
ALEXANDER NOREN: Yeah, I thought I wasn't even close to being in this tournament, and all of a sudden, 5-under, only four back, and you know, anything can happen.

Q. Did you look at leaderboards today --
ALEXANDER NOREN: I always look. Nothing else to do between walks and between shots. Yeah, it's nice to have a chance. I don't know how many under they are it but maybe four back by the end of the day would be nice.

Q. And do you actually look at the names of those guys on that leaderboard, as well, and just tell yourself how well you're doing amongst the elite?
ALEXANDER NOREN: A few years ago, I didn't really think I was going to have chances like this, and it's really nice. When you're in it, you don't really think like that. But if you sit back and actually understand, it's a great feeling.

Q. You've improved round upon round, so have you got any kind of target in mind?
ALEXANDER NOREN: Not really. I mean, just like I said, when you stand over the ball, if you feel like you have a clue where it's going, you can be a lot more aggressive and you can enjoy the round.
All I tried to do with my golf is enjoy it. I enjoy it a lot more when I think I'm in control of the ball. And today was an improvement from yesterday and the day before. So an hour on the range now with Pete Cowen maybe helps. See what happens tomorrow.

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