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November 20, 2009

Scott Strange


SCOTT STRANGE: Yesterday's I played fantastic, and then today, I probably played a little bit worse and just kept rolling putts in. If I missed a green in a tough spot and I chipped it to 30 feet, I boxed it; and if I hit it to ten foot for birdie, I seemed to hole it.

Q. So they were sinking from all sorts of ranges and angles?
SCOTT STRANGE: I didn't really think about it on the back nine because I holed a couple long ones on the back nine, and I thought, well, they seem to be going in and I had a couple of putts just from the fringe, they don't count.
So you know, the putter felt good today. I was seeing lines, where yesterday I wasn't.

Q. How does it compare to past putting rounds and achievements?
SCOTT STRANGE: I've had 19 before, but that was on sand greens, so I don't know if that count because sand greens is just rake your line and smack it in the hole. I've had some low 20s before. If I play like I did yesterday and I had as many putts today I would have had a stupid number, but golf is a funny game.

Q. These guys when we have Genworth Financial doing all the stats, it stands out; a remarkable round around a new course when the greens are a little tricky?
SCOTT STRANGE: I guess it's like anything, when you get a chance and your eye comes in and you're seeing stuff, anything can happen on greens. And in golf, if you're seeing shots, you can go low.

Q. Given the score is where you find yourself now, any kind of opportunity coming into the weekend? Right on the fringe?
SCOTT STRANGE: Yeah, anything can happen out there. I think today someone is going to go real low today because the pins are in spots where you can feed it in off slopes; and if they keep doing that tomorrow, and I play some good golf and hole some putts like I did today, absolutely.

Q. Robert Allenby was saying this is typical Greg Norman and very much Australian. I don't know if it's that way for you?
SCOTT STRANGE: I've played most of my golf in Asia and over here. I guess it's a little bit of Australian with the bunkering but obviously the conditions are a lot different in Oz, but I can definitely see where he's coming from because some of the bunkers and holes here look like the Sand Belt or down there in Victoria and Melbourne.

Q. Is this course one that meets your eye?
SCOTT STRANGE: Not for me because I seem to be hitting a lot of long golf clubs in. I'm probably not the longest, probably 280, 285 yards, and guys are hitting 300 and they have three clubs on me on some holes. And when the breeze is into you, it sort of stands out.
But each day you're learning more about it. I said to my caddie, Adam today; it's not too menacing now because you play one round, where do I hit and second round, okay, and third round, you're going, okay, now I know where I can play. The bigger guys have sort of got more area to land and we are laying back behind the bunkers.

Q. Any thought of a winning score?
SCOTT STRANGE: I heard Norman chatting about 18-under on television last night, so I can see 15, 18 from the guys out there. I've obviously got a bit more scoring ahead of me.

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