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November 20, 2009

Ross McGowan


Q. You fed off each other out there.
ROSS McGOWAN: I think we did, actually. It was good fun. We both get on very well, on and off the course, and we got off to a great start. Eagled the par 5 on the front, 7, to go 4-under, and I fortunately made birdie there to go to 2-under. It was almost a match between the two of us: I was chasing him, he was chasing me and it was nice to catch him at the end with the put on 7-under.

Q. He said he wanted to putt to sink so you could play together tomorrow.
ROSS McGOWAN: Yeah, sort of easy hole today, 18, driver, 3-iron, 3-iron, and up to about 15 foot and hit it firm, actually, but caught the right half of the hole and went in. Very happy.

Q. Somehow driver, 3-iron, 3-iron doesn't sound like an easy hole?
ROSS McGOWAN: Standing in the fairway on an upslope into the wind for the second shot, and didn't have a clue what to hit, 3-iron or 3-wood. Rescue was going to go too high and decided to lay myself a bit further back and accept 3-iron into the green.
It's a good hole today. If the wind stays like this, it should cause the last few groups a few problems.

Q. On the evidence of that score, you're obviously getting to grips with it. Is it a difficult course to gaze the nuances with putting the ball in the right places on fairways and greens?
ROSS McGOWAN: I learnt a lot yesterday. I struggled early on yesterday, and just getting the strike off the fairways, they are quite tight fairways, and then obviously the greens are very quick.
So it's a couple of things there to get used to. But I feel like I got to grips with that now.

Q. Before I switched this machine on, you said it's good to be back. You haven't been away, have you?
ROSS McGOWAN: It felt like it. Unfortunately I didn't get into China. I was first reserve there, so had to hang around to Thursday to find out if I got in. And then went home, decided to have another week off and not going to Hong Kong.
So feels like I haven't played for two weeks, and I think that's why it feels like I've been away for so long.

Q. A lot of travel for nothing?
ROSS McGOWAN: It is a little but I was in Singapore anyway the week before and played nicely there. It's keeping on a good run of form.

Q. Could you use the time to relax a bit, refresh the batteries ahead to a run at the end of the season?
ROSS McGOWAN: I really did nothing really for the ten days, hit balls for a few days, but the weather wasn't very good and the inspiration wasn't quite there. So just had time off and now here, after the front nine yesterday, it's back to where I was two weeks ago, quite sharp around the greens.

Q. I take it the inspiration is back. What do you reckon thinking for the weekend would be the winning score here?
ROSS McGOWAN: Haven't got a clue. If you play well -- I missed a few putts early on out there, a couple short ones, but you can get it going. You've just got to hit the ball very well, because the greens are quite soft, you can be quite aggressive with the shots in. But 15-under, I guess, I say would be a great total.

Q. Greg Norman started the week saying 18, maybe 20. Maybe not that?
ROSS McGOWAN: The wind has picked up today, a little more than it did yesterday and it switched directions. It made a few off the holes at the end a little tougher than they were yesterday. It's difficult to say. If somebody can get the putter going, then I think 20-under is probably on.

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