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November 20, 2009

Martin Kaymer


Q. So you had a good start to the round but very frustrating, just to finish there?
MARTIN KAYMER: I had a good start. I was 2-under after six holes, and then I played a little bit more solid than yesterday, but I couldn't get the putts in the hole and that was a little frustrating. Finished with a bad chip on 17 and a bad approach on 18. Hit it in the water, so unfortunately, saved bogey on 18, but disappointing round, especially I was playing better than yesterday but the same score.

Q. Had you been at four or five, that would have been a reasonable return for the day.
MARTIN KAYMER: If I would shoot 4-under, probably would have been a normal score I would say. Playing-wise, it was definitely better than yesterday, and 4-under, yeah, be that would be acceptable score for today.

Q. So thoughts for the weekend, I suppose just to see how many birdies you can make now and go for it?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, I'm playing okay, but I just struggled with the greens. I struggled with reading the greens. I hit good putts but I don't know how many putts went over the lip today, so it's kind of frustrating.

Q. Two names you don't want to see on the top of the board are the two names that are there?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, they are playing well, so obviously they belong up there.

Q. Do you feel that you are out of it?
MARTIN KAYMER: I mean, depending on how they finish today. If I am only 6- or 7- back, I think I still have a chance, if I have a strong weekend, a good weekend.
You can shoot 6- or 7-under on this golf course, and I think I can do that twice, so I think I'm not out of it yet.

Q. Any changes yesterday on the driving range?
MARTIN KAYMER: No, yesterday was just another one of those days where we don't really feel that well on the golf course. The rhythm was off a little bit yesterday maybe and driving was not very consistent. My putting was not consistent, but still an okay score for that okay day.

Q. Physically, you're getting better all the time, or will it be the same now for a few months?
MARTIN KAYMER: It's betting a little better. You mean with my foot? It's a little bit better than a month before.

Q. Do you have any pain?
MARTIN KAYMER: A little bit but it's not too bad. The last five, six holes are a little more painful but it's okay.

Q. But you don't take anything?

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