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November 20, 2009

Cristie Kerr


Q. Just talk about the conditions out there today.
CRISTIE KERR: Super wet. I mean, um, we had a lot the rain. I was surprised we even went out, frankly. It looked like another band was kind of moving towards us, so I think we gt kind of lucky there.
Yeah, just kind of wet. They definitely had to play ball in hand. It's just -- there's so much casual water out there. They must've had a couple inches the rain today.

Q. Did you feel like given all that you played okay?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, I played great. Didn't hit a really good drive on 18. It was kind of in the first cut, kind of on a sidehill/downhill lie. I had a long club in my hand, and just tried to make a really good swing at it.
Sometimes when you try and do that you try a little too hard. You know, I hooked it left and that was kind the a tough up-and-down. I actually hit an okay chip, but it's just getting so dark.
Maybe I could have waited, but I didn't want to. I wanted to finish the hole. I didn't see the appropriate amount the break for the putt. I hit a good putt.
So under par for this nine holes I think is a little victory considering the tough draw that we've had the last two days with the wind, and then having to wait all day.
You know, so I played good. I'm glad I'm gonna have a chance to hit some balls and kind of work on my swing before I go out and play tomorrow. It can be good. You get in a groove and you have a lot of golf to play and, you know, get it going.

Q. Strategy for tomorrow?

Q. I mean with the conditions or anything.
CRISTIE KERR: You just have to see. Could be really windy. You never really know. You have to kind the wake up and see how the conditions are and then kind of go from there.

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