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November 20, 2009

Robert Allenby


Q. What's your verdict?
ROBERT ALLENBY: I'm still there. Wasn't the greatest of days. It's not that I played poorly but I just had a few putts that slipped by. The greens were definitely a little trickier this afternoon, being in the last group instead of, you know, quite a few more groups up like yesterday.
But yeah, I mean, it was tricky with the wind. Some of the flag placements were a little tricky, as well. But yeah, I hit a lot of good putts that didn't go in.
You know, sometimes you have those days. If they go in, I shot 4- or 5-under. But you know, I'm still happy. I'm only two shots off the lead. So it's a marathon; it's not a sprint. So we're here for a long time, not a short time (chuckling).

Q. Certainly with the greens, is that the usual thing with loads of traffic on them?
ROBERT ALLENBY: They are new and a little on the softer side, and you know, they have had a full day's traffic prior to me.
So for the last couple of groups, it's definitely a lot harder to putt on, that's for sure. But you know, not looking for any excuses or anything like that. I've got two more days, play well on the weekend and see what happens.

Q. I take it just simply felt a little different, as well, going out in the last group on only day two?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Yeah, it did. Normally -- normally that doesn't happen until -- it's a little different, but it's good fun. I enjoyed it. It was good.

Q. And that course is still shaping up? You won't change that opinion in a day?
ROBERT ALLENBY: No, the course is great. It's in great condition and it's a pleasure to be here and a pleasure to play.

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