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November 19, 2009

Ross Fisher


Q. Thoughts on the day?
ROSS FISHER: I think a little bit disappointing to shoot 1-over. I felt like I got a little bit shafted on the first. I hit a decent tee shot and missed the fairway by about five yards and I was in a bush. So not the start you're looking for to be in a bush.
And then, you know, made six there, and was always on the back foot. But I felt like I gave myself plenty of chances. Just really struggled on the greens. I mean, they are so hard to read. They are just really grainy and bubbling. They are just really difficult to hole putts.
But you look at the leaderboard and I see guys 6- and 7-under, you're thinking, surely there's a way to do it. Hopefully myself and "Ads" can figure that out.
At the moment, two birdies in 18 holes, which is quite disappointing really. Overall, I felt like I played okay, apart from the start, and 1-over is a little bit disappointing. I feel like I deserve maybe a little bit better.

Q. Definitely not out of it.
ROSS FISHER: It's definitely not out of it. Obviously I've still got high hopes and expectations of trying to win this week. But like myself and Ads said, it's been a great season and we are going to just try to enjoy this week and whatever happens, will happen. Whether it's a win or second, third, fourth, it's still been a great season.
But there's still three rounds to go and I'm definitely not out of it, but I've made it a little bit harder for myself.

Q. Was there any anxiety at the first given the situation and what's at stake? Does it make it slightly more relaxed knowing that you've simply got to come from behind?
ROSS FISHER: I guess just looking forward to getting started and getting off to a good start. Both myself and Martin were excited to get going. There's been a lot of hype about this. It's been hyped up for about a year now.
So to finally get here and to get it underway, is great. You know, there's four guys up there trying to win this thing, you know, myself, Martin, Lee and Rory. And obviously it was a pleasure to play with Martin. He played pretty steady, a little bit more steady than I did. And obviously to see Lee and Rory playing so well, kind of maybe trying to give ourselves a kick in the backside and try and make some birdies. A long way to go but hopefully I have three more good rounds in me.

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