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November 19, 2009

Jamie Donaldson


Q. Jamie, how did Bradley play?
JAMIE DONALDSON: Probably not quite on his game today, but he scored well and had a good day at the end of it.

Q. Bradley, how did Jamie play?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Jamie played pretty decent, just had a bit of a poor finish, two bogeys in the last three, but happens around this place. So I think his game is in good shape.

Q. Speaking to the two of you, you are the first to play a competitive round here to finish first, so what do you make of the course?
JAMIE DONALDSON: It's pretty good, I quite like it. It's pretty straightforward off the tee most of the time. The greens are quite fiddly and they can put the pins, tuck them away a bit, which makes it tough to get it close on some holes.

Q. Looked like you were biting your tongue briefly will as if you wanted to say something more.
JAMIE DONALDSON: No, no. That's pretty much how I feel about it. I quite like the look of it. I think it may be could be a little bit narrower off the tee maybe. But overall, it's pretty good. I quite like it.
BRADLEY DREDGE: I think Jamie has summed it up pretty well. The only other thing I would add to that, he said the greens are the challenge, and so you've got to be pretty accurate with your iron shots.
The approach play is very, very good. You've got to hit the ball into the right portion of the greens to actually give yourself a good chance of birdie. If you're on the right side of the greens, as Jamie said, they are quite difficult. There's going to be some tricky putts out there today if you're not a long way away.

Q. Are many holes shaping up just the same and visually the same?
BRADLEY DREDGE: There's a little bit -- obviously your words, not mine, but you know, it's a different challenge. I think like you said, the main challenge is the approach shots and when you go on the greens.

Q. I shouldn't pick on you, because it wasn't the best of finishes, but those last four holes, Greg Norman is proud of them; is he right to be proud of them?
JAMIE DONALDSON: They are okay. You know, 16 is a pretty good hole. 17 is okay. I think 18, it should -- I think you should be able to get up in two, you know, but there's no way anyone, unless you put the tee up, get anywhere near it in two, which makes it a bit of a non-event hole for me really.

Q. What do you think of the caddie shirts, or what do they think of them?
JAMIE DONALDSON: I think my man will be wearing his on Friday night if he can get his name off of it.
BRADLEY DREDGE: I think it's a good idea, good advertising for Ralph Lauren, and you can see the logo, and I think it's a different way of doing it. I'm quite pleased to see that Welsh badge on the back of Nick there (laughing).

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