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November 15, 2009

Brian Davis


Q. Great playing.
BRIAN DAVIS: Never made anything. It was a real bad day at the office.
It was just one of those things. I got off to a good start and kept it going, and could have made a few more birdies around, but I putted great coming in, and I'm very happy.

Q. Is there anything that sort of got the round going, any particular hole early?
BRIAN DAVIS: Yeah. Probably. I sunk two-putts on the first, managed to two-putt it for a par. Never want to start with a bogey, either. So that got it going. I just played good all the way around. But I recovered from that and played super.

Q. Any long putts in there?
BRIAN DAVIS: No. I had a couple of eagle chances, you know, and it was all good round. I hit some wedges close, so that helps, you know, within five feet. And overall, you know, I got lucky on 17. I didn't hit a good tee shot on 17 and made a great score.

Q. Right now you're in third place, a couple shots back behind George and Justin. Just kind of talk about your year.
BRIAN DAVIS: It's been a weird year because people said, oh, you've had a great year. You'll have to finish so far. And I said, well, no, not really.
You know, I had three good weeks. Apart from that I wasn't happy with my performance the rest of the year. I've been trying a lot of equipment the last couple of months. So I'm getting ready for the groove change next year, and I put another new set of clubs in the bag this week, new set of Clevelands and probably had three or four sets in my bag the last six weeks. Just want to get ready for next year. I want to come out ready next year, and I think I've found a pretty good combo.

Q. Anything you'll do different in the off season this year as opposed to past years?
BRIAN DAVIS: Yeah. Keep playing a little bit rather than take a long spell off. I don't want to -- I've been feeling good the last couple of weeks, so I don't want to take two months off and then start playing. Maybe take a month off and then start practicing again.

Q. Got it. Continue doing it.

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