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November 15, 2009

Todd Hamilton


Q. You'll have the off season. What are you doing the rest of this year, are you going to do for next year?
TODD HAMILTON: Hadn't decided yet.

Q. You don't -- what are the options? Do you have a lifetime exemption?

Q. For next year.
TODD HAMILTON: I don't. I didn't get one of those.

Q. I mean lifetime. I mean career money.

Q. Yeah, so you're conditional for next year.

Q. Are you going to go to Q-School?
TODD HAMILTON: I have sent an entry in, yeah. I probably will.

Q. Which site will you be playing at?
TODD HAMILTON: The finals.

Q. Oh, right. I still got my mind at Second Stage, because my son's playing that next week.
TODD HAMILTON: I'm not sure which course.

Q. How did this year go for you? I mean obviously not as well as you would like.
TODD HAMILTON: You just answered it.

Q. How was this week?
TODD HAMILTON: This week for the way I felt about these golf courses, I actually played pretty well. I could have gave a rat's you know what about it, but after the first day, I didn't get off to a very good start, but the last three days I actually played pretty well.
I think it's because I didn't care. So there's something to be said about that.

Q. Yeah. I find that to work for me when I play golf.
TODD HAMILTON: Like I said, I could have cared less about these two golf courses. I'm happy the way I played the last three days, and what I thought about.

Q. You got kind of -- got a couple weeks to decide what will be the factor in deciding whether to go to Q-School?
TODD HAMILTON: I've heard if you get through, you might get five to seven more starts.

Q. Yeah.
TODD HAMILTON: And I like to play a lot, so that would be beneficial to me. But I may go play in Europe for a while. Who knows. I think I've got a 10-year deal for winning the Open over there.

Q. Oh, that would be --
TODD HAMILTON: As long as I take their membership. I think I have to decide by -- it's about a week, I think. Decide doing that.
You know, if I don't get in any -- if I were to miss out at the finals and can't get in any early, I may go over there and play some. That's an option. May stay over there. Who knows. May like it.

Q. Good scenery.

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