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November 14, 2009

Justin Rose


PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay, Justin, 3-under par, 69 today, and you find yourself tied for the lead with three others after 54 holes of the Children's Miracle Network Classic. Just a couple general thoughts about your round and then go through your card.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, sure. I mean obviously all in all pretty happy with that, the way it all panned out. Obviously a tough finish for George, but certainly gives all of us an opportunity tomorrow. Certainly going to be a bit of a shoot-out.
In terms of my game today, I worked hard on my long game yesterday after my round and I think that really paid off. I felt like I hit the ball a lot more solidly today. That was good.
Putting was just a little bit AWOL today. I putted nicely to start with and the putts didn't drop, and I think I started trying too hard to make putts, and that's kind of a mindset that sometimes doesn't work for you out there, so yes, didn't quite have the same speed today on the putts. But yeah, all in all pretty happy. And I got off to, like I said, a slow start, but a nice run on the Back 9 kind of got me back into contention.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Do you just want to run through the two bogeys and the five birdies?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah. 5, hit it in the left rough off the tee and hit a nice shot that just ran through to the back edge of the green and I three-putted -- well, technically not a three-putt, but I three-putted there from about 35 feet.
Hit two great shots onto the par-5, 8th hole, which I thought was unreachable, but I managed to cream two shots on there to about 30 feet, made a nice two-putt birdie. 11, hit a 3-wood and an 8-iron to about 20 feet and holed a really slick putt there.
13, hit driver, just sort of front right of the green and made a really good up-and-down. And then 14, hit another good driver and another really good 3-wood onto the middle of the green for another two-putt birdie.
16, driver, 9-iron to about 6 feet, and 17, driver 7-iron into the left bunker, splashed it out to about 6 feet and missed the putt.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. We'll go with questions, real quickly.

Q. I was trying to remember the details of -- gees, I can't remember how many years ago, three years ago. Were you leading with three to play on seems like 16 you had a sideways drive and maybe 18, and then was that the year --
JUSTIN ROSE: I don't know. I don't remember really.

Q. Sharing the lead maybe?
JUSTIN ROSE: That sounds like I threw it away. I don't remember it like that. I think Lukas holed --

Q. I think Lukas holed a shot on the 18 and everything else was quickly forgotten.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I might have dropped one coming in, I think, on the last three. I sort of vaguely remember. That's where this tournament obviously shows proof today can be won or lost, but that's what I love about this course is it can be set up fairly tough. I really liked the setup today. I thought you had to drive the ball well, I thought you had to hit committed shots coming down the stretch, and I think that's what you want on a Sunday, especially.

Q. Justin, you've been close a few times here on the TOUR. You've been on the TOUR for a while. What about tomorrow? What's your approach? What's your strategy to have a different outcome?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, sure. I mean I think tomorrow is just almost don't think that you're leading because I certainly don't see any pressure out there tomorrow. I don't feel like I'm leading the tournament because there's so many guys in and around the lead.
You know, if you're one back, I would be feeling pretty much the same as I am right now. There's six, seven guys who have a great chance to win tomorrow, and I'm just one of those guys, so for me to put a number on it, you're tied for the lead doesn't make that much difference right now with how many guys are in the tournament.
So basically my mindset tomorrow is just to go out, be confident and play good. Hopefully it all clicks.

Q. You said you like harder golf courses. Do you feel you play better on championship, harder difficult golf courses?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think historically, yeah, that's been the case in my career. I always feel like in the majors I perform relatively well. Even if I'm having a poor run, I come to a major and I kind of tend to turn things around. I seem to be able to grind it out pretty well when I have to.
Today I was in the same situation, things weren't going well, but I managed to grind it out and turn it around. I think I've had enough adversity in my career that it helps me out in situations like that.
But yeah, I think ball-striking wise I'm getting better and I think I'm probably getting to a level at the moment where I feel like I've never been before, so hopefully that'll begin to bear some fruit.

Q. Justin, can you just kind of describe the feeling there toward the end? It was kind of a weird finish up at the top on the last couple holes.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it was. I think basically the par-5 where George holed his eagle putt there at 14, I mean obviously looked like he was really getting away, and then I birdied 16 to feel like, that's great. I felt back in the tournament and I felt like it was going to be us three guys tomorrow fighting it out.
But I mean that's the way it felt at the time, and then all of a sudden now we're in a tournament where it's a complete lock jam, so you know, all in all I was never in the lead today, so to finish out the day where I did, I'm pretty happy with it.
PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. Thank you. Good luck tomorrow.

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