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November 14, 2009

Mathias Gronberg


Q. Mathias, you're just kind of rolling along the front nine, one little simple birdie, not making a lot of noise, and things go wild on the Back 9 for you.
MATHIAS GRONBERG: Yeah. It was nice. I played pretty good the front nine. I didn't make a couple of possible birdie putts that I had.
But the Back 9 was great. I just kept my head down and focused on the pack of trying to make some birdies and catch some players.

Q. 31 will do that on the back side.
MATHIAS GRONBERG: Yeah. It was nice. It was very nice. I'm very pleased with it, and good finish on 18 with a birdie, tough hole.

Q. And you had a really good look at 17, both of them playing so much longer today than they did earlier in the week.
MATHIAS GRONBERG: Yeah. Both drives on 17 and 18 I crushed, I only hit 7-iron on both 17 and 18, and I was telling my caddie, it sets up the hole so much easier if you hit a good drive.

Q. This is really a driver's golf course, isn't it? I mean you drive yourself into a pretty good spot, particularly on a day like today with not much wind, this course can be had.
MATHIAS GRONBERG: Oh, yeah. I had several other birdie opportunities that I didn't take, but at the same time, I'm very, very pleased with 6-under, and hopefully will be a good round tomorrow.

Q. You've made it to the TOUR for next year about six different ways, but you'd like to make it with a W for a while.
MATHIAS GRONBERG: You always want to, but it looks like George McNeill is playing some great golf, and depending on what he does here, I'm three shots behind him as of now.
But we'll see. I'm feeling confident. I'm hitting the ball good. I'm putting good, so we'll see what can happen.

Q. Keep your head down heading into Sunday.
MATHIAS GRONBERG: Thank you. Thank you very much.

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