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November 12, 2009

Casey Wittenberg


Q. Casey, you make par at the first hole, no big deal. Then the fun began for you. Take me through the round.
CASEY WITTENBERG: That's right. 11, which was my second hole, hit 3-wood on the green, had a good two-putt birdie. Then I hit it close, about seven feet, on the next par-3, No. 12, made it for birdie. And then I hit it about seven feet again and knocked it on the par-5 again in two and then I hit it about four feet.
So it was a good stretch of holes and we were executing the golf shots the way we were wanting to, and we were rewarded by making birdies.

Q. Really tough to keep a run like that going, though. Then do you start forcing things? Do you think, wow, I got the big round going and a couple of holes it doesn't happen?
CASEY WITTENBERG: No. I think the front nine plays a little harder on the Palm Course than the Back 9 does. I really took advantage today when I had 9-irons and wedges and stuff like that in my hand, and the front nine you had to hit long irons coming in on the back and then all of a sudden you had to hit long irons starting out again on the front. So other than one hiccup out there, I executed pretty well what I wanted to do.
Obviously I need a big week this week, so kind of the writing's on the wall, which is sometimes a good thing, so maybe I can continue the momentum tomorrow. Maybe in the morning the wind won't be blowing quite as hard and we can get it going over there on the Magnolia.

Q. Is it a good time to have your back to the wall to say, okay, now I gotta do it? Do you kind of have that mentality rather than, okay, there's always next week?
CASEY WITTENBERG: Yeah. It is what it is now. There's no really other way to look at it. I'm not worried about it, but at the same time, you know, I need to play well, so we're just going to try and get out there and see what we can do and shoot the best score we can.

Q. Rickie also shot 66 here today. I lived in Oklahoma for a long time. There isn't anything around Stillwater that is anything like what you guys played today. Where did this come from?
CASEY WITTENBERG: You know, cowboys, we get used to playing out there in that wind, and it's a little bit different territory than most, but we get to play on really hard golf course with a great coach, and I know everybody's proud of the program and proud of the players, and proud we're shooting the very best.

Q. The breezes are something you're used to playing in because the wind is always blowing out there.
CASEY WITTENBERG: For sure. For sure. It's a little tough out there, but if you can hit the golf ball solid, there's also a lot.

Q. And there are some cold days.
CASEY WITTENBERG: That's right. In qualifying those are some cold days.

Q. All right. You beat Clark. Congratulations.

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