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November 12, 2009

Sean O'Hair


Q. Sean, I think when you look back at this, it's probably going to be hole 15 both times around?
SEAN O'HAIR: Sure. It's not a very comfortable tee shot. Trouble right, trouble left. You know, it's 650 yards. You feel like you have to hit driver. I probably should have hit about a 5-wood, block it out to the right and taken the trouble on the right out. But it's one of those shots where you have to execute it. I didn't execute it.
I played fantastic really both days. I really did. Today I had a flyer lie on 7 that that cost me a double, and then obviously 15 cost me a double. And then I get into a playoff somehow.
I definitely played well enough to win. Just a few shots cost me. But I think overall I played well. I putted great. And that's what I'm going to take from today.

Q. When you were on the tee box in the playoffs, was the first time around still in your mind?
SEAN O'HAIR: Not really, no. Because it doesn't matter. You're in a playoff. Tie ball game. I think I felt comfortable with the driver. If I didn't feel comfortable with the driver I wouldn't have hit it.
It's just one of those things that the hole doesn't appeal to my eye and you can always say looking back, "Hey, I probably could have just hit a 5-wood or something."
But I felt comfortable. So I just didn't execute; that's all there is to it.

Q. Go back to some good things. You rebounded from that and made eagle. Hit a great wedge in 18 to four feet. Talk about those two holes.
SEAN O'HAIR: After Anthony hit it on 16, I knew I had to make the putt and made it, and he missed. So he gave me a little bit of an open door, and I know I needed to birdie at least one, if not both, finishing holes. And I birdied 18.
So it was nice to know that you had to do something and do it. But, realistically, I shouldn't have been in that situation. I think if I make par on 15, could have been a different feel.
But it is what it is. And that's part of the competition. You know what I mean? That's what we love about it.

Q. It had to be a fun and very nerve-racking --
SEAN O'HAIR: It was a great couple of days. It really was. It was great, an event like this, to feel those nerves. I mean we're playing for a lot of money. And obviously you want to beat everybody else's brains in, even though we're all pals and it was nice to feel those nerves and hit some nice shots coming in.

Q. When do you start getting cranked up and make it very, very serious business; the back nine?
SEAN O'HAIR: I think it was serious business all day today. Yesterday was, it was serious business but yesterday was a lot lower key than today. And on the back nine, you know, you start feeling the nerves a little bit. Especially if you're in it, in it.
So it was a lot of fun.

Q. The way the golf course played differently yesterday from today, you had a hole that was completely different on 15, but real different?
SEAN O'HAIR: I think it's a much better hole playing downwind because being such a long hole with trouble on the right and the left, such a tight, tight hole. I felt like it was a better hole downwind, you're hitting driver 5-iron, and, shoot, today, if I hit the fairway, I'm hitting driver 4-iron, 9-iron. So it's a completely different hole. It was a totally different golf course today.
So I felt like it played a lot more difficult today than yesterday, to be honest with you. So there was a lot of wedge shots but not so much today.

Q. First time in New Zealand, what are you going to take away?
SEAN O'HAIR: It was a fantastic tournament. I think they did a fantastic job. I was very impressed with the staff here, not only on the golf course but off the golf course at the hotel. First-class event. And it was a blast. It really was. I think New Zealand is beautiful, and hopefully I'm asked to come here again.

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