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November 8, 2009

Ernie Els


Q. You gave it a heck of a run.
ERNIE ELS: I really did. I had a good time. Today was a wonderful day. I mean, I really had a good time. I knew the pressure was on. I knew the situation. And for me, this was great preparation for weeks to come.
I started playing a new golf ball that Callaway made, very first week. It's a different texture ball. The golf ball, this is what I've been looking forward to, is this golf ball. It would have been unbelievable if I could have won with this ball. It would have been great for Callaway and myself. I'm looking forward to the future now and I think my equipment is now spot on.
Today, if you gave me 63 before I played, I obviously would have taken it. I was thinking 64, but still came up a bit short. But I can't complain.

Q. What happened on the last hole?
ERNIE ELS: 18, hit a beautiful tee shot. I had 218 yards to the front of the green. But I was on a severe downslope, and I was in between, you know, thinking I couldn't carry a 4-iron to the front, because I can hit my 4-iron 215.
But I guess if I look back now, I should have taken a 4-iron and really hit it, because a 3-iron was always going to go through the green. So I tried to take a 5-wood, aim left and hit a big cut. But because of the downhill, I kind of stood back on my swing, and I hit the ground first, basically duffed it.
But I can't think about that. For me to come back all of the way, to actually share the lead at that point, was quite nice. I'm disappointed about that, but I'm going to really think about the 63 I shot.

Q. Game looks solid. What's next for you after this week?
ERNIE ELS: I'm going to London. I've got a week off. I've got the family in London, so we'll have a nice, relaxing week, and then I'm going to Dubai. Then I'm done. I might play my friend's tournament at Leopard Creek, Dunhill, but that's it.
I think this was great work for me; working on the golf ball. This week was a big week. Made a lot of putts. My short game is back. So I'm feeling good about my future again.

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