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November 7, 2009

Carla Gaines

Ken Kinakin

Joel Rosario


ERIC WING: We're back with the winning connections of Dancing in Silks. The 24-1 upsetter in the Breeders' Cup sprint. From left to right, jockey Joel Rosario, trainer Carla Gaines, and owner Ken Kinakin. And Ken, I have to ask you the first question, because you're the owner and you paid a hefty 9% supplement to run a 24-1 shot against Zensational, Gayego, and all the others. What gave you the confidence to open your wallet and take the shot?
KEN KINAKIN: Dancing came back after a layoff in the beginning of 2009. He came back and won in Del Mar, the second race he ran closing day of December 19. Came back to run the Cal Cup. Unfortunately, I wasn't here for the last two races. I was away on business.
Talked to Carla, and wanted to know how the horse has been doing. He ran a great race at Cal Cup, and I just have this connection with my horses. He's trained well. He's been strong and healthy, and all I believe in someone here who is helping me to get where I am today. And I just believed in the horse. Believed in Carla's training. Believed in Joel. And there were a few things that I needed to secure before we came to the races, and those all fell into place, and here we are.
ERIC WING: Carla, congratulations. First Breeders' Cup win for all three of you sitting up there. You're very good on the grass. Did you feel like when you were watching that blanket finish coming down to the wire that you were watching a grass race? You don't see such four horses that close together very often in sprint races?
CARLA GAINES: I sort of knew I was watching the Breeders' Cup Sprint. I knew it wasn't grass. It was very exciting.
ERIC WING: When Ken asked you -- when the thought process started about maybe running in this race, knowing that he wasn't fully Breeders' Cup eligible and would have to be supplemented, were you bullish on that move? I mean, you were close to Gayego and the ancient title who many thought was the horse to beat here. But still, he hadn't won in 19 months.
CARLA GAINES: I really to be honest tried to discourage Ken from putting that much money up. Ken -- the horse is doing tremendously well. He was doing so much better than he was the previous year. He had, he had matured, very -- he was very, very sound. But still I was concerned about him dumping all that money in there. And he said no, Carla, power of positive thinking, let's go. And I said okay, let's. And it's been fun ever since, especially right now.
ERIC WING: Do you feel a lot of extra pressure when the owner takes a big step like that?
CARLA GAINES: No, that was really the problem. I was really concerned about Ken putting the investment up. He was determined to do it. Once he told me that's what I want to do, I said all right, let's go.
ERIC WING: Mr. Kinakin, I understand you're a doctor, and something of a body builder? Could you tell us more about the man who put up the big bucks to win at 24-1.
KEN KINAKIN: I'm not a doctor. They do call me doctor. I specialize in herbal respiratory health. There is another fellow by the name of Ken who is a body builder, but it's not me.
ERIC WING: That will teach me to trust Wikipedia. Go ahead. Background about you.
KEN KINAKIN: My background. I'm just an average guy that got interested in horses when I was a kid. My grandfather bought me a pony when I was 10 years old. Neighbors had some thoroughbreds. I remember being 13 or 14, and we went to one area where there was a retired thoroughbred. And I was just a short little guy, and I looked up to see this big thoroughbred, and I thought, man, that's a beautiful animal.
But anyway, my background is engineering, and I have of a business that I specialize in herbal respiratory health that we sell across North America to the health food industry. And I got into the horses in 2000. So I'm a rookie at this.
ERIC WING: How old are you and where do you hail from?
ERIC WING: How old are you and where's home for you?
KEN KINAKIN: I'm 48, and I come from Langley, British Colombia.
ERIC WING: Joel Rosario, congratulations. Very exciting race to watch from the grand stand. Take us through your trip as you were going around from start to finish.
JOEL ROSARIO: Thank you very much. Yeah, I'm very excited to be here. So every jockey, every owners trying to win this race. It's very important. So I did it, so it's really exciting (smiling).
ERIC WING: How was the ride? Were there any nervous moments during the race for you?
JOEL ROSARIO: No, I never have nervous. I know my horse probably have a little chance to win the races. But do doing good. He's unbelievable. I never have problem when I see the one horse is the favorite, so he gets stuck inside a little bit. So I had my chance enough, and I did it.
ERIC WING: When you hit the wire, Joel, did you know you had won?
JOEL ROSARIO: Yeah, it's very close. My head always -- he's running with the head up every time, so that's helping me for the finish a lot.

Q. When did you make up the mind to put up the dough for the supplement?
KEN KINAKIN: I actually made up my mind after he ran the Cal Cup and wanted to see how he came out of the race. But it was a few weeks ago. Like Carla said, I was determined to be here.

Q. You guys watch the race together?
CARLA GAINES: No way. He would have just tackled me (smiling).

Q. Can you give us your thoughts on the last eighth of a mile?
CARLA GAINES: Oh, my God, we're going to win it. We have a chance to win it. It was very, very lucky that we drew a great post, and all the speed horses down on the inside. It just happened like you would dream it happening. Maybe winning by a little more.

Q. Paying the extra money and getting into the Breeders' Cup seems a great move. But in general are you a real risk taker knowing fully well Zensational and Gayego were there, and yet you were willing to put down that money?
KEN KINAKIN: I am not a risk taker. But I do believe in my horse, I believe in my heart, I believe in God, and there's a reason why we're here.

Q. Can you make a case now for this colt to win the Eclipse Award? He came up big on a big day.
CARLA GAINES: That would be awesome. I'd have to think about that. But we did just win the Breeders' Cup, so we should be there.
ERIC WING: Congratulations to Joel Rosario, Carla Gaines, and Ken Kinakin on a 24-1 upset win by Dancing in Silks. That's two in a row today for California breds.

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