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November 5, 2009

Nick Dougherty


NICK DOUGHERTY: I played pretty well today. I feel like I should have done better. I got it to 6-under with four to play, and you know, certainly 16 and 18 are good chances and I didn't capitalise, and I made a couple of bad bogeys on 15 and 17.
So I'm a little disappointed with the score, but you know, it's nice to shoot a good first round. It's been a while since I've got off to a good start in a tournament. I haven't played very well since I won. So, yeah, very happy, good start.

Q. In terms of highlights, the eagle stands out.
NICK DOUGHERTY: Yeah, it was a good eagle. I hit a lovely tee shot and a great looking cut rescue, like a hybrid club into the middle of the green and then holed a great putt.
So yeah, I was delighted with that, and certainly at the time it was great. 6-under put me in good shape.

Q. You said you haven't got off to the best of starts of late. Is that down to any reason? Certainly when you do start well, you tend to keep it going?
NICK DOUGHERTY: Yeah, I do. When I'm playing well, I'm usually off to a quick start. So I don't know, really. My heart really has not been in it so much recently, and just been having a tough time with it like we all do sometimes. I've just got a pretty bad perspective on everything, and when you're thinking that way, you generally don't perform unfortunately. Feeling better about it and making some good head way and I'm very thankful that I was rewarded today for it. Good start.

Q. A long way to travel if your heart's not in it, but for the WGC, you were bound to?
NICK DOUGHERTY: Yeah, well, definitely. Obviously I've had a good result here before in the first year that it was played, and, yeah, you know, it's a great event. It's a World Golf Championship, after all. And my heart wasn't in it particularly last week, either. I didn't do myself justice in Singapore, and I need to sort myself off.
I'm glad the season is coming to an end so I can reevaluate. But there's a couple of great events for me to play in still with this and obviously The Race to Dubai, or the Dubai World Championship, and I want to give it my best shot and I'm glad I started like I did.

Q. This has been a great event for a while, but do you notice any difference?
NICK DOUGHERTY: Just different players. The event itself is great. The course is phenomenal. I think as far as the setup for an event goes, it's the best we have all year. The course is wonderful. It's a great design, as well. Conditions of the facilities are great.
The way that they run the event, HSBC do a wonderful job with this event. And it was fit to be a World Golf Championships before. The only difference is now that there's more Americans here. It's obviously a different field now, so it's a different feel to it in that sense. Apart from that, Tiger comes and plays, Phil comes and plays, so the top end is still as strong as usual.

Q. And you like being on the top end; does something for the confidence, as well.
NICK DOUGHERTY: Every time I've won, I've won in strong fields. Even the Singapore win, which would be the lowest one ranking-wise, I suppose, I beat Monty and Björn down the stretch.
I always have played well in good fields and I always look forward to playing. Everyone loves playing when the best players are here, taking a shot at Tiger and Phil because we know how good they are. Whenever they are in the field there's that extra bit of motivation to try to keep up if you can, but it's usually quite hard to do with those two.

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