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November 1, 2009

Charlie Manuel


New York Yankees 7
Philadelphia Phillies 4

Q. On that play when Damon breaks for third, whose responsibility is third in that position?
CHARLIE MANUEL: It's catcher or pitcher, got to be heads up. We've got to shift on like that, Feliz was covering second base, and evidently there was some miscommunication there, when he stole him. That's the first time we've had it happen to us this year, but at the same time, somebody has got to be covering third base. Usually it's the catcher tries to get down there.

Q. Cliff said earlier today that he had made it pretty clear that he would have been willing to pitch in Game 4. If he had come to you and insisted on doing it, how much consideration would you have given it?

Q. Why not?
CHARLIE MANUEL: Not any. Why not? I've answered that about ten times about the last two days, maybe 25.

Q. You guys haven't been in this situation in the playoffs the last couple of years. Do you say anything to your team here? What do you do to collect things after a great game like this where you came back out of a hole and then you lose at the end?
CHARLIE MANUEL: Tonight I won't say nothing. I may say something tomorrow. I may think about that tonight and I may say something tomorrow.

Q. Kind of following up on that, obviously a loss is a loss, but do you worry about the wind going out of your team's sail with that type of loss tonight?
CHARLIE MANUEL: You know, I think we take a lot of pride on being resilient and the way we bounce back. I know that we're going to come out and play tomorrow to win. I know that. I've seen us go through it before. We've blown 22 games from the seventh inning on or something this year. That's got to tell you something about the resilience of our team.
Tonight is tough. We're in the World Series now. But at the same time, we're down, but you know what, we're still breathing.

Q. Lidge hadn't pitched in 11 days, but he looked pretty good his first two at-bats, has a good at-bat with Damon. Do you think he lost his focus after that double steal, hitting Teixeira and then the way the rest of the thing unfolded?
CHARLIE MANUEL: Did he lose his focus? I think the first two hitters he did real well. He was up 1-2 in the count on Damon. Damon had a real good at-bat and ran the count out to 3-2. But once he stole, did he lose -- I don't know. I mean, I don't know. I mean, he was having trouble. But at the same time the way he started the inning, he was fine.

Q. Joe Blanton retired 11 straight, then ran into a little bit of trouble. What did you think of the way Joe pitched?
CHARLIE MANUEL: I think Joe -- after the first inning when he gave up a couple runs, he did very well. I think it was in the fifth when he gave up two runs. Walk got him in trouble, and a guy got an infield hit and then he got two bloop hits and he ended up scoring two runs in that.
I thought he did a real good job. Actually I think he pitched real good.

Q. Sabathia's pitch count was pretty high early. Do you think your team was maybe a little anxious and not patient enough in the middle innings, and let Sabathia stay around maybe a little bit longer than he should have?
CHARLIE MANUEL: I think CC is tough, and I think when CC is throwing the ball over the plate -- I felt like the other night against Burnett that we took a lot of fastballs, and actually I kind of thought that -- I understand exactly what you're saying. I thought that our guys, some of them, it's different hitters in the lineup and at-bats and everything, and I wanted definitely some of them to swing if they've got a fastball to hit. But he hung in there and he battled, and we were fighting him tooth and nail. He was good.

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