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November 1, 2009

Hideki Matsui


(Through Interpreter Roger Kahlon)

Q. There was some discussion about you playing the outfield during the games here in Philadelphia. How much input did you have in the decision to not play the outfield, or did Joe have the final say on whether you would play?
HIDEKI MATSUI: It was completely the manager's decision. What I was told from Joe was to make sure I was prepared for the outfield, but as far as the decision is concerned, that was completely up to the manager.

Q. How much has the experience in the Interleague games this year helped you in terms of when you get to the plate last night as a pinch-hitter? Were you able to draw on what you went through in June?
HIDEKI MATSUI: I think the nine games during the Interleagues helped me for the preparation as far as a pinch-hitter, so I think I was able to draw from that experience and make use of it for the series.

Q. Are you experiencing any pain in your knees, and if you were asked to play the field, would that be a factor at all as far as the colder weather? Would that affect how you feel as far as what you've battled through with your knee?
HIDEKI MATSUI: As far as how my knees feel, overall I feel pretty good.
As far as playing the outfield, there are certain factors that, I guess, are still unknown or untested. I haven't been in the outfield obviously, and the weather and so forth. But as far as how I feel, the knees feel good right now.

Q. Your first year with the Yankees, the Yankees made the World Series, it was their sixth World Series in eight years, and then there was a six-year wait prior to this year. I was wondering how frustrating and disappointing it was for you during these years in between when the Yankees did not make the World Series?
HIDEKI MATSUI: Yeah, certainly the frustration was there. Any time you lose, it leaves a bitter feeling in your mouth. So not having been able to get back here to the World Series, and in addition to that, being that it's the goal that I strive for every year, certainly it was frustrating.

Q. Do you think that what you do in this post-season, specifically maybe in the remaining games of the World Series, can affect how the Yankees may look at you for the future and think about you?
HIDEKI MATSUI: I don't know. It's not a question I can really answer.

Q. For the post-season, especially for the World Series, do you feel like you're overachieving at the plate, or do you feel like you're right where you feel you should be as far as how you feel at the plate?
HIDEKI MATSUI: I don't really look at it that way. What I've been just doing was just making sure I prepare for the game. And as far as where we are right now, I mean, we've won two games, and that's really the only way I really look at it.

Q. First of all, not being able to start in the lineup, is that very frustrating to you? And if it is frustrating, how are you sort of using that frustration and expressing that when you get into the game?
HIDEKI MATSUI: No, I don't have any frustration at all. My knees -- the situation with my knees are what it is, so it's a role that I've accepted. The only thing that I focus on is when my turn comes up to make sure I do the best that I can.

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