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October 31, 2009

Alex Rodriguez


New York Yankees 8
Philadelphia Phillies 5

Q. Did you see the ball hit the camera? And given last year, you also were the first video review, do you wonder sometimes if you find controversy or does it find you?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, it's only fitting, right? I don't know if that's controversy with the replay. There is no controversy, so they had a good chance to see it in New York or wherever the headmaster is, I'm just glad we got a good ruling.

Q. Did you see it hit the camera?

Q. This is your first World Series, you've been very patient, and tonight hitting the two-run shot. Joe Girardi talked about how it really energized the team. Talk about your approach.
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I thought the first two days I got pitched to tough, but I also felt I helped out the opposing pitchers by swinging at balls that were borderline and not strikes. And I thought that the game plan today was to swing at strikes and to keep them in a zone, like I've been talking about all post-season. Trust my teammates, go to first and steal a base and score on a double, whatever you have to do.

Q. It looked like you swung at a change-up from Hamels on that first pitch before the home run. Did you have a talk about yourself after that and tell yourself you've got to stay back?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: No, I think you just swing at strikes. He has a great change-up. He just walked Tex, so I was looking for a pitch I could drive to right-center, and the bottom dropped out of it. Just not try to do too much. All night I felt pretty good.

Q. And the next pitch?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I thought it was a fastball up.

Q. What does it mean to finally get that first hit, and it was obviously a big hit?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Yeah, I think it was a big hit. I think it woke our offense up a little bit. It felt really good, and it was a little weird to have the first home run and the replay and the whole nine yards. But two big runs for us early on.

Q. I assume obviously every time you come up you want it, but how much did you finally want to get that first hit in the World Series?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: It's obviously nice to get it out of the way. It's like the first hit I got this year in the post-season against Minnesota. That got me going a little bit. Over all the game plan is simple - swing at strikes. If I swing at strikes, I can do a lot better.

Q. After the first turn through the order against Hamels, what were the hitters talking about as a group? Did you guys think you were able to get to --
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Offense is all about one thing, swinging at strikes. That's what Kevin Long advocates all the time going back to Spring Training, not trying to do too much. A walk is as good as a hit, and be patient. Wear him down a little bit. Make him make some tough, tough pitches to get us out.

Q. This first World Series, is it what you expected, or is it more than what you expected considering the relationship with the fans and your teammates and everything else?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: You know, overall, I think after I got that first hit against Minnesota to be quite honest, I started feeling a lot more comfortable, and then the hits kept on coming and we kept winning.
I think overall it's been a good experience so far. Again, the thing I go back to is keeping things very simple and swinging at strikes and trying to do little things.

Q. How did Andy Pettitte settle down after he struggled at the beginning of the game?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, I mean, it was nasty out there. Andy probably didn't have his best stuff tonight. He just did a great job of working in and out of trouble, limiting trouble, and he swung the bat really well, too.

Q. You talked about basically just focusing and doing things the easy way. We know last year you didn't have as good a year in New York as you wished, but this year is completely different, especially with the fans. Do you think the way you're hitting the ball in the post-season, is gaining the confidence of the fans, is that giving you more opportunities moving forward? Is that helping you a little bit in the World Series to put up performances the way you're doing right now?
ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Yeah, I mean, I think overall after Spring Training and all the stuff I went through, I felt like I was up against the wall, I hit rock bottom and I was either going to stay there or come out fighting. Overall I felt like this season I had no expectation and nothing to lose. I basically sold out for the team, and with my limitations in my hip I just wanted to come out and do the best I can, and that's what I did.

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