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October 31, 2009

Cara Black

Liezel Huber


3-6, 7-6, 10-8

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Cara and Liezel, please.

Q. It's very dangerous to play woman's doubles, don't you think?
LIEZEL HUBER: Yeah, it's pretty dangerous playing Rennae Stubbs if she doesn't like you. She wants to win.
No, I mean, accidents happen out there. You know, she's either very accurate or not accurate at all. So however you look at it, I think I hit a really bad shot, and she got me. It's just how you're going to recover from it.
You know, it's happened to me before, that I got hit in the throat. My partner was there to back me up. And I think it shows something of our partnership, that my partner can step in and know when I really am in need.
So we're very lucky, you know, very blessed, very lucky, and healthy.

Q. In a week there is the Fed Cup final. Venus is not there. There is only Serena. Does this change anything for you?
LIEZEL HUBER: I mean, I'm aware of Serena being on the team. I hope Serena plays. I mean, I think we're going to wait and see till the last minute. I don't want to get my hopes up one way or the other.
Regardless of the situation, the U.S. is in the final of the Fed Cup. We have as good a chance as they have. I'm going to give it my best, and I know the other girls on the team there are also. It's going to be different. We're playing on clay. The season is kind of at the end.
But I'm really, really excited to play. So normally when the Championships is going on, we feel like we're done for the year. But, you know, I'm not done. I'm really excited to play.
It's going to be a bonus if Serena plays. She's definitely the greatest player right now. We'd love her to play. Injury-wise, I don't know, you know, what's going to happen.

Q. Who is the favorite? What do you think?
LIEZEL HUBER: I always would say that I'm the favorite or my country is the favorite, otherwise I wouldn't even go into battle, right? So whose cooking is the best? I would say my cooking. She would say her cooking is the best.
In tennis or any sport, you have to have confidence in yourself, not too cocky, but confidence. I would say any day that we are the best.
But on that given day, they're going to try their hardest also, so we're just going to see how it turns out.

Q. Mary Joe Fernandez a few days ago in a press conference said wonderful words about you, you are the real team leader. She said someone not born in the United States to have such a team spirit like you...
LIEZEL HUBER: What do you think?
CARA BLACK: Absolutely. Liezel is a great team player. She's brought a lot to the U.S. Fed Cup team. Especially with the team this year, she's been the oldest and the most experienced. I think she's really helped the young girls come on.
Yeah, you know, you get a lot of inspiration. I know I do as a partner. I think they're very lucky to have her. Yeah, watch out, Italy, next week, my partner is playing.
LIEZEL HUBER: I love playing for the U.S. I don't want to play for any other country. I love playing for the U.S. You'll see it next week.

Q. About the young players?
LIEZEL HUBER: You mean me (laughter)?

Q. No, I mean, the atmosphere is totally different in a Fed Cup compared to another normal tournament. Especially the Italian crowds will be very close to the players. Does it change anything for you?
LIEZEL HUBER: No, you know, I'm a team leader. Anything I do, in the match today, or in the Fed Cup, I'm a team leader, and it's important for me to be there for the young girls and be a leader for them. And I'm going to do that when I'm playing or even when I'm cheering on the side.

Q. Do you think they will win 3-1 or play the doubles and be the hero of the situation?
CARA BLACK: A win is a win. Doesn't matter how it comes.
LIEZEL HUBER: I hope it comes down to 2-All because I want to play it at 2-All. I'm telling you, I'm not going to complain if we won it before then. But I dream about it to come to 2-All. If we win before, that's okay (laughter).

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