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February 2, 2006

Nick Dougherty


Q. Nice start?

NICK DOUGHERTY: Yeah, it's good, I'm playing really, really well. I played solid, no bogeys in the first round. A few shots went seven holes and played really nice. I played well and nice performance.

Q. How long was that one on the last?

NICK DOUGHERTY: It was about seven feet. It was a lovely finish, I threatened quite a lot today, had one on 8 and missed it. I had quite a few near misses on the green but nice to have that one go in at the end and shoot 67 and not be too far behind at end of the day.

Q. The scores up there, good scoring day?

NICK DOUGHERTY: It is. The thing is; the course, the rough is not as thick as usual and that's certainly going to help. The greens are usually firmer and if you are in the rough you can't hold the greens but audible whereas now you can, and you can score like that.

It's a good field this week, as well.

Q. Pleased with the way the year has gone?

NICK DOUGHERTY: I am. I'm really trying to get to playing more and not thinking how to do it on the course and it certainly helped me last week, it was easy to do last week, the wind was so strong, I didn't have to think you just have to get the ball around. Today I'm just swinging and not thinking about it. I've hit enough balls where my golf swing is natural.

Q. Still working with Jamil (Quireshi)?

NICK DOUGHERTY: Yeah, yeah, certainly we're trying to get away from it, where I'm not thinking about it. When I'm playing well, I'm not thinking about it. And also, I'm not going to hit it perfect all the time and score and if you can hit a few good shots, plow your way through and not worry about trying to fix your golf swing out there.

Q. What goals have you set for yourself this year?

NICK DOUGHERTY: This year I want to win at least twice and getting on the Ryder Cup side and always wanted to be one of the best players in Europe and to contend in one of the majors would be great. Obviously playing my first one at Royal Liverpool, that would be a great time to do it, my hometown.

Q. How well do you know it?

NICK DOUGHERTY: I played it a few years ago. I played the British amateur there, as well. It's a great golf course and certainly being in Liverpool, it will be a lot of fun for me.

Q. A lot of home fans there?


Q. How good is it to get off to a good start to the year last week and this week?

NICK DOUGHERTY: For me it's good, it's nice to get some feedback and get back straight into it playing well, that's what I did last year and hopefully to do it again this year. It's important for me to get off to a quick start, especially I'm chasing the world Match Play spot. And if I play great these few weeks, maybe I can get in the Top 50 for The Masters.

End of FastScripts.

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