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February 4, 2006

Nick Dougherty


NICK DOUGHERTY: Like I said yesterday, consistency, I don't know what happened at all. The start of the round was not how I pictured it going. You know,1 I could have I was in a bad spot off the tee, but 3, back fringe in two, and 6 was just diabolical. Again, I got it back to level and on 6, made a great tee shot on 6 and to make double there you hate to make mistakes like that. I was a bit surprised with it.

My confidence was a little bit battered from that. I was a little bit tentative for a few holes. Obviously I did really well on the back nine to come back and played myself into the tournament, it's going to take something really special tomorrow unfortunately. But all in all it's been a really good day because 2 under is not a bad score in this weather and I could have played half decently.

Q. I do understand the mood, but at the same time, you sound down for a person that's always looking at the positive, and the way that you finished.

NICK DOUGHERTY: It's great, but you've just come off the green, and to not have shot the score, that's why I'm disappointed. That would be only natural. I'm going to go out and hit balls and think about it. Obviously, like you say, a real positive thought was I finished so strongly.

But all in all, maybe the mindset was a bit technical and I'll go iron that out now. Other than that, look at the good things.

Q. What do you think you'll need for the final?

NICK DOUGHERTY: With the caliber of player, probably a 64. I'm capable, the golf I played the first two days, absolutely I need to do that. It is quite a long shot but it's very, very possible. I mean, that's what I'm going to be gunning for tomorrow anyway. Anything else will be good.

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