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October 29, 2009

Oliver Wilson


GORDON SIMPSON: A very impressive days' work. It's between you and Robert now for the group winner. Just take us through the day.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, you know, it seems a long time ago this morning. Played a lot, perfect start. To get to win two matches on Thursday is obviously, you know, everything I wanted to do today. To beat Sergio this morning in Spain was a really good scalp for me. Very pleased with that.
And then this afternoon was a real tough one against Martin. I was delighted with this afternoon. I played better this afternoon, or at least putted better and played well on the back nine and kept a lot of pressure on him and made a few birdies which helped.
GORDON SIMPSON: And at the last, every hole is so important at this stage.
OLIVER WILSON: It is. I haven't even thought about it. All I was concentrating was holing about my 4-footer for the birdie which won me the match and I was about to pick Martin's ball up, he had practically four feet as well with a little bit of left-to-right.
So it was not an easy putt. Rich, my caddie, just said hang on a minute because we thought that Robert had won in front, which meant, I think, it getting very complicated. I think if we had have halved tomorrow, he'd have gone through on holes. It was a 4-foot putt and I'm really glad he made it, because I felt awful. I think everyone on the crowd was wondering what was going on and probably calling me all kind of names.
It's so important and with the format, it keeps it exciting but throws up funny circumstances like that on the last. Yeah, obviously I was pleased he holed it out okay, but it's interesting.

Q. I didn't see it, so how close were you? Were you bending over to pick it up?
OLIVER WILSON: You know, I had knocked mine it. I was picking my ball out of the hole, and actually wasn't going to pick it up. I was just going to pick it up, shake his hand.

Q. So was your hand --
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I think I was sort of off -- well, the hat was off. And then all kind of scenarios were being thrown at me, and all I knew was I just won so I didn't really care at that stage. I was happy to be off the course.
Yeah, it was an important putt that could make all the difference. I guess not now, I don't know, not quite sure, but I don't think it matters now, because they halved. So if I halve with Robert tomorrow, I go through. At the time, we thought Robert won.
Yeah, there's a lot to think about.
GORDON SIMPSON: A lot of people have talked about this event when it was at Wentworth; what are your earliest recollections? Were you an avid watcher of this tournament?
OLIVER WILSON: All I can remember is I just seem to remember Ernie Els winning every year. It was always one of those events that seemed so far away. Even when I turned pro, it was like the elite sort of tournament, the top guys in the world.
You know, you get on to The European Tour, and it still seems so far away. You know, you've got to play well to get into this. It's a special event, and you know, I'm obviously ecstatic to be here. You look down at the winner's list and it's special. There's some incredible players, some of the best players in the world who have ever played here, and it is an incredible tournament and I just remember watching it around Wentworth and sighing the guys shrug it around for 36 holes in cold, wet weather. But it did look fun and I always wanted to be part of it, so it's nice to be here.

Q. Your overall thoughts on today, the course, and the interaction with the fans, how it felt overall?
OLIVER WILSON: It's great. I think first of all, the course, is good. I have to say, I was a bit surprised. I had heard a few things about it that said it was in fabulous condition, which it really is, it's incredible. But I think people are classing the walks between the course as the course, and it's not. It's tough, it's long and gives you a bit of everything. There's drivable par 4s, water, five par 5s. It's tough and it's good fun.
The walks in between are tough. That's not much fun. But all in all it's a very good venue, and the crowds have been good. This morning it was good fun playing with Sergio because there was a big crowd, a lot of atmosphere, and they were great, as well. They clapped for both of us. Obviously they were willing Sergio on.
GORDON SIMPSON: That's big, in his own country.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, whenever playing with Sergio, I have to think about amateur days because I played a lot with him and I beat him. So I always try and draw on something. I think it was one-all actually. I to think back to those times that I've beat him. He's an incredible player. I don't know where he is in the world now but he's been in the top 5 or ten for years since when I was an amateur. It was a big scalp and just delighted with it.

Q. Was there a point yesterday where you were seriously concerned you would be able to play?
OLIVER WILSON: When it first happened, you know, historically whenever my neck's gone, I've been done. It happened at THE PLAYERS Wednesday morning and I had probably 36 to 40 hours before I teed off the next day, and I tried to hit balls on the range and I had no chance. You know, I probably pulled out of at least one, maybe two tournaments every year I've been on Tour due to my neck.
We are getting to the bottom of it, but like I say, I pulled out of THE PLAYERS, and if it happens this week, one of the biggest tournaments of the year; so I was not very happy. I was just hoping -- I was very nervous to be honest all day yesterday, because even though I had physio in the morning, I just get so conscious of it and very cautious and try not to do anything wrong.
I didn't sleep very well last night, just trying to stay in the right position and pot sleeping in an awkward position because that would have set it off. I figured I would be able to, at least with my physio here, I figured I would be able to at least tee off and play. Maybe just swinging it sort of three-quarters and try and get it to loosen up and get it around the first round and then maybe see.

Q. How bad was it, were the twinges?
OLIVER WILSON: There wasn't really many twinges out there today. Towards the end of the first rounds it was tightening up and I hit a few bad shots. I'm not able to turn behind it quite as well as normal. It just restricts when I do that.
So there's a couple of times when it, you know, it certainly didn't help a few times but overall it was pretty good today. A bit more physio this afternoon or this evening and it will be gone.

Q. And only one game to play tomorrow.

Q. Have you ever played alongside Robert before? Do you know him at all?
OLIVER WILSON: I'm not sure. I don't think so. I can't remember if I played with him. Might have played a practice with him at the U.S. Open, my first U.S. Open. But I can't remember. I've never played tournament golf with him.
GORDON SIMPSON: Well played today and good luck tomorrow.

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