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October 29, 2009

Oliver Wilson


Q. First thing's first, let's talk about the health. Yesterday you didn't play in the Pro-Am because of the recurrence of your neck injury, how is it today?
OLIVER WILSON: It's a lot better today. It's not right, especially on the last sort of seven, eight holes, it was a bit tight.
You know, I'm compensating but I kind of know what I'm doing, sort of getting it around. But it's a lot better than it was definitely and hopefully it will stay all right this afternoon.

Q. Very close match obviously with Sergio, come to the last and you need to get up-and-down out of a bunker, how do the pressures compare to a regular events?
OLIVER WILSON: I think it's just sort of like being in contention. It's a little bit of nerves, there's a crowd and there's more atmosphere. And that's the great thing about match play and he vents like this is it get you into contention and that environment which is hard to practice.

Q. The neck injury going to get worse as the week goes on do you think, or is it pretty constant? Does playing affect it, in other words.
OLIVER WILSON: It can have an effect, yeah. Hopefully it won't. I've got my physio here so getting lots of attention on that and lots of Ibuprofen and hopefully be okay and just not try to do anything too stressful. I started off hitting it pretty good actually, but the back nine wasn't quite as good, but it was okay. So fingers crossed.

Q. What about this course for this format? How is it standing up?
OLIVER WILSON: It's good. We didn't really score that well today. Both of us putted pretty badly. It's scorable. If we putted well, it would have been pretty low.
But it's good. There's some great holes on the front nine that you have to deal with to start with with water; and the back nine, there's a few tricky holes out here and 15 and 16 are pretty tough. So it's got a bit of everything.

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