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October 28, 2009

Victoria Azarenka


C. WOZNIACKI/V. Azarenka
1-6, 6-4, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Victoria, please.

Q. Your start was excellent, but then you lost the rhythm of the game. What happened?
VICTORIA AZARENKA: Well, I don't think I really lost the rhythm of the game. I think she started playing better. It was still really close games, which was really a little bit tiring.
We both stayed there and I thought we fought very good.

Q. What happened to you emotionally at the end when you received those two code violations?
VICTORIA AZARENKA: You know, it was very emotional game and really close match. Sometimes that's my personality.

Q. You were saying about your personality?
VICTORIA AZARENKA: Yeah, I just said because, you know, I'm emotional player. I just got a little bit frustrated because I couldn't close out the match.
But, you know, things happen.

Q. You were on the brink of qualification with match point. You probably would have gone through to the semifinals had you taken that point. Must be quite frustrating for you?

Q. This is strange because you won more points than your opponent. What do you think about these stats?
VICTORIA AZARENKA: It's a weird stats I guess. But, I mean, in the end of the day, I lost the match.
But what can you do? I'm not going to look at the stats and see that I won more points. The end of the match is that I lost. So it doesn't matter who won more points or who lost.

Q. Every player can learn a lesson from each match. What would you say the lesson you learned from today is?
VICTORIA AZARENKA: You know, I'm gonna think about it a little bit later. But I just can't wait to get ready for my next match.

Q. Are you angry against yourself for letting it slip through your fingers?
VICTORIA AZARENKA: Yeah, I'm disappointed. But, as I said, I just have to let it go and get ready for my next match.

Q. The two of you are good friends, best of friends on the tour. Is it more difficult losing a match against somebody who you view as a very close friend than it is to lose against an ordinary player?
VICTORIA AZARENKA: No, not really. I mean, I'm happy for her. A little bit disappointed with myself. But I'm sure we're gonna have another match, and I'll have a revenge.

Q. You're not sure if you're going to play with Safina or Zvonareva. Doesn't make any difference for you?
VICTORIA AZARENKA: No, it doesn't make any difference for me. I hope Dinara gets better and hopefully I have a chance to play against her. I also don't mind playing against Vera.

Q. You know Caroline pretty well also on court. In which ways could you feel that she was injured today in certain parts of her game? And do you normally play that many dropshots?
VICTORIA AZARENKA: I don't know. I mean, she had her leg taped, but she was moving pretty good. So I don't know if it was an injury or just protection.

Q. And dropshots?
VICTORIA AZARENKA: Dropshots is just part of my game. It's nothing to do just to make her move or whatever.

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